Dogs Bark, but How do we Stop them from Barking Excessively?

Does your dog bark excessively? You have to find a way on how to stop your dog from barking too much. This article will help you address issues with too much barking.  Your intention isn’t to stop your dog from barking, that is an unrealistic expectation because of dogs barks at least occasionally as a way of communication. When your dog barks frequently for minutes or hours on end, don’t worry as there is a solution to this daunting habit.

Barking is kind of vocal communication which dogs utilize; it could signify various things depending on a given situation. Below are the reasons why dogs bark too much:

Fear or Alarm

Dogs bark at any object or noise which catches their awareness. This could take place anywhere, not only in their territory.

Protective and Territorial

If an animal or a person comes into your dog’s territory, this triggers too much barking.  As the danger gets closer, your dogs barking get louder and louder. During this kind of barking your dog become aggressive and alert.

Loneliness and Boredom

The dog packs, animal. They left alone for a long span of time, in the backyard or in the house could become sad or bored leading to bark too much as they are not happy.

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Play or Greeting

The dog often barks if greeting other animals or people. Normally it is a happy bark, which is accompanied by jumping and tail wags.

Seeking Attention

The dog often barks if they like something, like going outside, getting treats or playing.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind to control your dog’s too much barking

Refrain from Pleasing the Barking Itself

A lot of dog owners’ right away reply to the barking through screaming at them to be silent. When you reward your dog when he or she is going to believe he or she is doing the best thing through barking. From the animal’s perspective, his or her barking was only rewarded with attention from the owner.

Rather than treating the dog to undivided notice when she or he barks, do not react. The same way, never try to get the dog to be silent by giving a treat in order to occupy his or her mouth.  You’re teaching your dog to back often, and not less. You have now eliminated yourself as an erratic in the case, and you could research your dog’s performance to know what his or her barking trigger may be.

Try the quiet treatment, never touch or look or talk to your dog as she or he barks. Your dog may be barking as he knows it will draw a reaction from the owner. Do not reward bad activity by giving him concentration. Once you go about your dealing without saying any words, perhaps he will stop barking. This really works particularly with dogs that were trained to bark to draw attention by past owners. Once your pet does quiet down, you could provide him or her treat. Right away stop rewarding when begins barking again.

This might be difficult at the start, particularly when the barking pattern goes on for a long span of time. Do your very best to gently to go about your dealing if your dog begins barking. When you want a break, you can take a stroll and unwind. The moment you react, your pet will see that as an indication that he gets your awareness if he or she barks, and this will go on.

Give him /her something to carry out other than bark

Once your dog barks too much from stress or boredom, then the best solution is very simple, give your dog something to carry out. When your dog spends his time locked in your backyard or house alone, perhaps he is turned to barking as a way of entertainment. Therefore, play a fetch game with him or her, give your dog a rawhide to chew, you can also take your dog a stroll; give your dog a food puzzle. When you distract your dog, the less energy your dog has to bark.

Teach Your Dog a Quiet Command

In case you cannot distract your pet from barking excessively, try to train him a quiet command.

Step 1: if your dog is on a barking spree, wait silently by his side. Once your dog stop for 1 or 2 seconds, say “quiet” and give him or her reward. Do again the scenarios time after time with your dog for a week to become familiar him or her with the meaning of the word quiet.

Step 2: If your dog is common with the word Quiet, you can start utilizing it to stop him or her when barking too much. If your dog starts a round of too much barking, say quite when he stops give your dog a reward or praise him or her. In case your dog doesn’t stop barking, say No Quiet. And when he stops gives your dog a treat and praise him. Once your dog still doesn’t stop barking excessively, clip a leash to his or her collar and lead your dog away from the place to assist him or her calm down.  Once your dog is crate trained, place him or her inside the crate for a couple of minutes while she or he settles down.

Buy a Bark Collar

If you’re not capable of solving your dog’s barking issue by verbal command. It might time to buy a bark collar.  This curbs too much barking through correcting the dog each time he or she barks. While a bark collar is normally not the first option to try, it might be needed once your dog’s too much barking draws attention and complaints from your neighbors or when your dog barks too much to the extent that it is not good for her or him.

There are bark collars that utilize static correction, the same to the sense of rubbing the stocking feet on carpet or touching metal. Other utilizes a spray of citronella aimed at the dog’s face. Sonic bark control device which uses static-based correction is the best option, as they are less harmful and abrasive to your dog compare to citronella.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has their own opinion of anti-bark collars

It is natural for your dog to bark, however, if he or she barks too much without any reason, you should try any of the methods listed above.

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