13 Must – Know Tips for New Dog Owners

A lot of time we have seen that a new dog owner falls into trouble with his dog. Sometimes dogs are seen to bitten badly by their owner. Ignorance of the dog owner is the main reason behind this case. Because he does not know how to handle an untrained dog. What should he do and what not?  So I have written this post to help those guys. If you like my tips please share it with your friends and relatives. In this article, I am going to discuss 10 must-know tips for new dog owners.

In the event that you are going to get your own pet dog, then you would definitely learn a few family pet training guidance or some general dog training tips.

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A standout amongst the most critical things that a new or a prospective dog owner must know, regardless of whether they are set up to have a dog in their lives. Dogs are truly going to need a lot of time from their owners.

You likewise truly would need to choose if your dog will be an inside dog, an outside dog, or a blend of both.

So what are the things you would need to take care of your beloved dog?

13 Must – Know Tips for New Dog Owners

Tips for New Dog Owners

1. Don’t Unhook The Leash

Most of the people do this mistake. They bring a dog to their house and unhook the leash to see what the dog do. When the dog do something wrong they become upset. Oh No! This do is not the type that I wanted and try to teach him some rules with some brutal punishment. Please don’t do this with your dog. If the dog do something wrong that’s not his fault. It’s your fault. You should unhook the leash only after giving him a proper training.

2. Make A Schedule

You should make a schedule for the dog. Such as feed the dog with a fix schedule (feed your adult dog twice a day and puppies under five months, three times a day). Also make a schedule for potty time, grooming, walking and exercise.

3. Get The Right Supply

Look into what you truly desire about your puppy considering the age, breed and activity level. There are a large number of dogs available and many individuals out there will be glad to offer you something, so settle on your choices carefully.

4. Take Your Dog for Veterinary Checkup

You ought to have your new puppy checked by your picked vet within few days of you bringing him home. Most importantly, this will help you decide the pooch’s general well being and furthermore, this will help you build up a relationship with the vet doctor.

Ask the vet any inquiries you may have about the type of the pooch if the puppy has any unique needs or necessities and get some information about any hereditary tests the vet may prescribe. You ought to keep up a standard immunization program for your dog and have the puppy checked routinely to recognize any medical issues from the get-go before they cause genuine medical problems. Early location is fundamental in the fruitful treatment of many puppy ailments.

5. Teach Your Dog Good Manners Right from the Beginning

Puppies just know how to behave like puppies, and they’re awfully charming at doing such! Be that as it may, if you permit him to get out of hand, you’ll strengthen his rowdiness and may end up as a pooch who is not a decent and may even be dangerous. Get a decent book on pooch training or put yourself and your puppy in a dog obedience course.

6. Never Hit Your Dog

Striking a puppy just makes him frightful and distrustful of people. Utilize a high pitched voice to praise him when he’s been decent, and a low, gentle voice to scold (never holler) when he’s being rude.

7. Constant Supply of Fresh Water

Dogs are like human beings, they may live for quite a while without food, however, without water, nobody would do it for seven days in an exceptionally humid and hot environment.

The normal puppy expends water as per as indicated by the exercises they do and contingent upon nature too. At the point when it’s icy a pooch may pee and pee since they can’t sweat, however, in a wiener they require water since this is the thing that chills their bodies. As we as a whole know, lack of hydration is terrible in light of the fact that it might bring about a few afflictions like the breakdown of the kidneys and even demise.

8. Learn About Dog Nutrition & Health

Another fundamental thing for a dog is its nourishment. A few puppies may have exceptionally sensitive stomachs and some may not. Much the same as people, dogs need to eat the best possible sustenance keeping in mind the end goal to get supplements appropriately. Sustaining a dog with human’s nourishment like rice, soup, pork, and hamburger perhaps awful, however, there’s a special case for pork and meat. A puppy needs dog food like Alpo in light of the fact that it contains most supplements they would require as they develop.

9. Puppy House Training

Another imperative thing a puppy must have is training. Would you like it when there’s a guest at home, then your dog hurt that visitor? Imagine a scenario in which that visitor was your mother’s or your father’s supervisor. You’d be an altogether immense fiasco inconvenience! Educating a dog to sit and stand, perhaps the initial segment you’d have to use. Without a doubt, the preparation stage is the crucial step. You may put in days and days or even months and years to culminate a dog’s training.

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10. Protect Your Dog from Household Hazards

Similarly, as you would with little kids in the house, check out your home and yard for potential hazards. Keep electrical lines concealed where they can’t come in contact with. Put family unit cleaners and chemicals on a high shelf or in a bolted bureau. Maintain a strategic distance from houseplants that might be lethal to your pooch. Get little toys or other little protests that might be a choking danger. Your puppy’s wellbeing is your responsibility!

11. Freedom

Let your new dog gain freedom bit by bit in your home. A typical mistake that many pet guardians make is giving their new dog a lot of freedom too early. This can without much of a stretch prompt to mishaps identifying with housetraining and dangerous biting. Thus, close off ways to empty rooms and utilize infant entryways to a segment of parts of the house, if fundamental. One of the ideal approaches to minimize incidents is to keep your dog tethered to you in the house and by utilizing a carton or a doggie safe range when you can’t effectively manage him.

12. Love Your Dog

Adore your puppy. Tell them how much you adore them. Converse with your puppy, touch your puppy, set down and snuggle on the floor together. Holding is an extensive part of a sound confiding in a relationship.

13. Groom Your Dog Regularly

You must groom your dog properly if you want to keep it healthy, shiny and cute. There are a lot of skin diseases that you could not see if you don’t groom your dog. You can save your dog from many ear an eye infection as well. I have an already written a great post on dog grooming that you should check out. Choosing the right flea and tick shampoo for your dog is also particularly important as left untreated, these intruders can significantly harm your pet’s health.

Bottom Line

Owning a puppy is a brilliant idea, this demonstrates exactly how great our canine companions are for our well being. If you are considering getting a pooch, ensure you are completely prepared for the responsibility that accompanies having one. For whatever length of time that you are cheerful as you can deal with your pet, then you’re in for an incredible time!

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  1. These are all great tips! I could have used the Freedom tip when Haley was a pup. She had a few too many accidents in the house, but it was always my fault for not paying attention or giving her too much room to roam the house.


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