Top Ten Amazing Dog Costumes For Your Dog

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s just a dog in a really authentic-looking costume!

Are you in the market for a unique way to show off your pet’s cool style? Tired of the same old, boring doggie clothes? Want to make all of the other neighbor dogs jealous? Looking to spice things up? With these ten amazing dog costumes, you will have the whole neighborhood pawing after you!

Although there are thousands of dog costumes on the market, only a select few have earned a spot on our top ten list. We have carefully narrowed down the search so that you don’t have to! Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or the perfect costume for this year’s holiday party, we have all your costume care needs for pups under control!

Lion Mane Dog Costume

First up on the list, we have the Lion Mane for the dog costume. Made specifically for larger breeds, this soft, fur wig fits snuggly around the neck of your animal, rapidly transforming it from an ordinary dog into a wild beast. With a lion tale included, this originally $30 outfit is now on sale for just a mere $15.99. That’s such a good deal, you’d almost think we were LION.

Lion Mane Dog Costume

UPS Pal Pet costume

Coming in at number two on the list is the UPS Pal Pet costume. Have you ever fantasized about a dog delivering your mail? No? Oh, yeah, neither have we…but now we all can! This 100% polyester fabric will keep your dog feeling good while looking good at the same time. Just simply insert your dog’s front legs into the sleeves, fasten his neck collar, and your dog is ready to deliver those packages nationwide! Who said you needed disposable thumbs to get a job done, am I right?

Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Pet Costume

Hot Diggity Dog, costume number three! For real, it’s a hot dog costume for your dog! With three sizes ranging from small to large, you can easily turn your dog into your favorite backyard treat. With adjustable Velcro straps and comfortable polyester fabric, for the low price of $17.06 your dog can be the talk of the block. What about the mustard and ketchup, you ask? No worries, they have included that on the outfit too! I guess it’s true when they say, you are what you eat!

Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Pet Costume

Gingerbread Pup Dog Costumes

Oh, the holiday season. A time for family, friends, gifts, and absolutely delicious (and sometimes not so healthy) treats. Why not cozy up on the couch next to your Gingerbread Pup! Don’t worry if you burn your cookies, with this adorable Gingerbread costume your dog will be the center of attention at this years holiday party. For $20, this outfit will for sure make your sweet puppy dog even sweeter! Better keep an eye out though and make sure your pal is not mistaken for one of those yummy goodies!

Amazing Dog Costumes

Police Dog Costume

Freeze at number five! With this police dog costume, all of your worries can disappear. Including a police uniform shirt, hat, and belt, the authentic look of this costume will have you putting your hands up in the air! Ranging in sizes from small to extra large, no matter the breed, your dog can help fight crimes and save lives!

Amazing Dog Costumes

Jedi Robe Pet Costume

May the force be with you and with your dog! This Star Wars theme Jedi Robe Pet costume is a must have for all Star Wars lovers and those who like looking at adorable things. With a customized cloak and belt, the choice between the dark side is entirely in your pets hands. This costume will for sure have your dog searching for a light saber and maybe their father too…

Amazing Dog Costumes

Rubies Costume Teen Titans

Ever think of your pet as a loyal sidekick? Well, then why not dress as the dynamic duo, Batman, and Robin! This Teen Titans Robin costume will give your trusty sidekick the look they deserve! For just $11.16 and you and Robin can hit the streets and restore justice to your city!

Amazing Dog Costumes

Snow White Dog costume

Don’t worry, girls. This one’s for you! All of your dreams and fantasies can come to life, as you dress your puppy dog with this Snow White Dog costume. Now your favorite pooch can look and feel like the princess she is! With three simple buttons, silky cloth, and net yarn, this comfy and stylish outfit is perfect for your darling pup. Nothing is more precious that a puppy unless it’s dressed as the fairytale wonder!

Snow White Dog costume

Referee striped dog costume

Are you tired of horrible game calls? Are you fed up with your favorite team getting the short end of the stick? Never miss another penalty call again because there’s a new ref in town! Feast your eyes upon this fashion-forward, Referee striped referee costume! Coming in at a price of $12.99, this is the perfect Halloween costume for your favorite pup. Turn on the game and sit back and relax because watch out this pup knows the right calls!

Referee striped dog costume

Animal Planet Raptor Dog costume

Last but most certainly not least is the Animal Planet Raptor Dog costume coming in at number ten on our list! This costume is slightly higher in price than the others, retailed at $25.67. However, the quality of this costume is by far the best. With foam padding, customized head, and chest pieces, this costume can turn any innocent pet into a ferocious beast! No longer are dinosaurs extinct when you purchase your pup this raptor suit!

Animal Planet Raptor Dog costume

All of these costumes can be found on Amazon and most of them include Prime shipping! Man, just when we were thinking it couldn’t get any better! Compared to other retailers this is definitely the best place to purchase a high-end dog costume for cheap. We want the best for our pups, but we want the best for our wallets too!

From cute lion to Jedi, to a ferocious, flesh-eating dinosaur, these top ten dog costumes are a must have to fulfill all your puppy needs! Depending on the price you are willing to pay or the quality of the material to simply the overall look, this list of doggy outfits reaches a new level. Regardless of the costume you choose for your pet, and no matter the occasion it’s for, all of these costumes will leave everyone drooling and begging for more!

Do not forget to let us know which one of these top tens was your favorite!

I like the hot dog on the dog personally, do you agree?

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