The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Dog House

Dogs are incredible pets with very big hearts as they will offer you companionship until their very final breath. Dogs will also love you unconditionally, never desert you, and will always be delighted to see your face even if you have had one of those rough days at the office.

As curtains are about to fall on the year, it’s always good to remember the friends that have been there for us throughout the year and offer them a little token of appreciation. There is no better way to appreciate your dog than to buy him or her its own dog house. Well, the following post provides you with the ultimate guide to buying a dog house.

The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Dog Kennel

Before buying a dog house, it’s very important to take a number of factors into consideration. As a true member of your family, providing your dog with the best dog house is utmost importance. Some of the factors you should take into account include

Dog Kennel Size

Do you own a German shepherd or Rottweiler? Or perhaps you own the Chihuahua. Dogs come in many different sizes with some being large and others small and as such, it is crucial to get the measurements right before setting out to buy a dog house. The height and width of your preferred dog house should be sufficient enough to accommodate your dog.

Basically, the height measurement of your dog’s house should be slightly lower than the height of the dog from the ground to the head, as they (dogs) usually lower their heads while entering their house. On a similar note, the house should be big enough for the dog to be able to stand at its full length or move around whilst in the house. Having a way bigger house would greatly undermine the dog’s ability to regulate its temperature during the different seasons of the year.

Elevated or non-elevated Dog Kennel?

you should always go for elevated dog houses rather than the non-elevated ones(legless). This feature prevents your dog from exposure to fleas which usually hatch their eggs in the soil especially if your dog house is to be set outside. Elevated houses also ensure your pet won’t be exposed to harmful weather conditions that come with the ever-changing weather such as storms which may cause water to flood the dog house.

Similarly, arranging bricks in a level and mounting your dog house is another practical solution you can always use if elevated houses are out of stock. This will prevent moisture from accumulating beneath house thus providing a safe environment for your dog.

Materials of the best Dog Kennel

wooden dog house

The best material for your dog house is always wood. Houses built from natural red cedar wood will offer the best insulation to your dog during the winter season as well as provide your pet with a favorable living condition during the hot summer days. The western red cedar wood also comes with natural essential oils that repel termites, ticks, and fleas which are highly beneficial not only to your pet but also you as the owner because of the reduced maintenance cost. Here is some good wooden dog house you may check.

wooden dog house

Plastic dog house

Plastic is also a very durable base material for constructing dog houses, and way lighter than wood. The best part about plastic dog houses is that they are very easy to clean using antiseptic soaps and water and they lack pores that can house ticks and fleas. However, from the many reviews left online, plastic houses fail to effectively absorb odors. Here is some best selling plastic dog house.

Plastic dog kennel

Metallic Dog Kennel

Dog houses can also be made from metallic materials. However, these structures are typically referred to as dog boxes as they offer temporary housing to dogs during transportation to sporting events and shows. These structures are normally built from aluminum, which is a very poor conductor of heat thereby making them unsuitable for-all-year round dog houses.

Roof type

Roofs are specifically designed for different functionalities to both the owner and the dog. The classic pitched roof is the ideal roofing style for dog houses because of their versatility that allows owners to be able to remove the roof and undertake a number of functions such as cleaning and maintenance of the dog house. This type of roof also provides an extra space at the ceiling during the hot months and it can still be made snugger during the cold season for your furry friend.

The compact design of the single panel roof offers good insulation of heat but since it can not be removed it may come with limitations to you as the owner. So always go for the classic pitched roof!


Different manufacturers have different bedding standards for their bedding materials with some using blankets, carpets or even towels. However, some of these materials are perfect roosting sites for fleas and other potential parasites and pests. Therefore, a perfect bedding material for your dog house should be a moisture-proof pad that is dense enough to give your dog enough heat during winter. The moisture-proof feature will ensure the bedding stays dry and free from fleas at all times ensuring your pet remains as comfortable and healthy as possible.


A good dog house should be adequately be fitted with ventilation to offer your pet the optimum living conditions during different times of the year. As I have mentioned before, excess moisture buildup and heat may offer a perfect ambiance to bugs and mildew which may greatly undermine the health of your dog.

A good ventilation doesn’t need to be so wide as this may cause too much heat loss during winter. Hence. Dog houses with quarter- inch ventilation holes at the top of the house ensures there is proper air flow. Always go for the houses with slated ventilation which allows you to open and close like windows. These work efficiently in enhancing air flow as well as preventing rain and snow from entering your dog’s crib.


And if you live in those regions heating is an essential need of life. You should consider purchasing a dog house that is fitted with its own heater, especially if your dog belongs to the warm-weather breeds. Different manufacturers fit different heaters in their dog houses including; AC Unit, electronic kennel blankets, and metal light bulb heaters. To ensure you always go to the dog house fitted with heaters if you come from polar regions.


Picking the best house for your dog will be easy when you make informed decisions like the ones mentioned above. A proper dog home should perfectly fit the dog and offer it the ideal temperatures during different seasons.

Brenda Thompson

Brenda Thompson is an expert in dog behavior with over a decade of experience, and she is also passionate about working with cats and birds. In addition to contributing pet content to, she is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. Brenda received her Bachelor of Science in Biological and Biomedical Sciences & Philosophy from Colorado College in 2014. She has taken classes in writing and remote animal behavior consulting, as well as courses on how to manage aggressive dogs and litter box issues. In 2016, she obtained her dog behavior consulting certification and joined the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

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  1. Hi there, what is your personal choice for dog house material? I used to have a wooden dog house but the wood itself wasn’t treated so frequent exposure to water damaged it within 6 months. I’ve read a few at pawcastle that there are wooden dog houses very durable, and can withstand water exposure, and also proofed to decay and insect attacks. What do you think?

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