Dog Odor Control Made Easy

Two out of three American families have pets—while we love our pets more than everything, we don’t like the smells and dirt they can bring into our home.

If you have a dog or cat in your house, it’s important to reduce odors. Whether it’s from toilet accidents, shedding, or just mud and dirt from playing outside, pets seem to come up with infinite ways to bring mess into our home!

Does your home need some help with pet odor control? If so, keep reading to find our top tips for reducing pet smells.

Clean Up Accidents Right Away

How do I get rid of pet odor? Our top tip is to clean up accidents as soon as possible.

While most pets are house-trained, accidents can always happen—especially for puppies or elderly pets. If your fluffy friend makes a mess on the carpet, clean it up right away, before it has time to set in.

Soak up the stain all the way, then use a carpet cleaning product to remove the odor and stain completely. Plus, the fresher the stains, the easier they are to clean up.

Keep Your Pet Groomed

Grooming can be helpful in preventing pet odor too. Washing, brushing, and grooming reduces shedding, dander, and odor.

Our pets, especially dogs, love to roll around in smells in the yard, jump in puddles, or get up to all sorts of mischief. Keeping your pet clean keeps the dirt and smells from their outdoor adventures from getting into the house.

Invest in the Right Cleaning Products

You’ll want to purchase the right pet odor remover products, which can help remove the smell from the home. Masking the smell with candles or spray doesn’t make it go away—it just hides it.

Instead, neutralize odors completely by keeping your pet’s areas of the house clean. In a pinch, many pet owners use baking soda to get rid of smells too.

You’ll also want to regularly clean your pet’s food and water dishes, toys, crate, and bed, which can wash away odors.

Try an Air Purifier

If you find your home always has a funny pet smell to it, try an air purifier. They work to remove irritants and pollen, plus pet dander, from the air.

This can be particularly useful for anyone with pet allergies and it can help keep the air fresher in your home.

Improve Your Pet Odor Control With These Tips

If your home could use some odor control, use the tips above to freshen up. Pet odors can be a nuisance, especially if you’re having friends over, so these simple tips can give your home a clean, fresh smell.

With proper training and grooming, you can reduce pet smells as much as possible. Everyone knows you love your pets, but that doesn’t mean your guests need to smell them!

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