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On PetDogPlanet, you can find training tips and practical information to help you care for your dog. Every month, we help thousands of users find the information they need to give their pets the most enjoyable life possible. Thousands of in-depth articles cover a variety of topics and pet animals, from cats and dogs to betta fish and birds. Training specialists, Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs), and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs) write and update informative articles based on their years of experience. We’re also all about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

It can be challenging to find reliable veterinary advice online because there is a lot of false information and personal opinions that look like facts. Our Veterinary Review Board is made up of top board-certified vets so you don’t have to worry about them. To make sure your pet is happy and healthy, we provide well-researched, fact-checked information. We carefully selected our writers for their experience in their fields.

Richard Hayes is a renowned animal trainer in Hollister, California. Richard has been rescuing dogs for a long time, and hundreds of dogs have already been sheltered by him and his organization. His main focus is re-homing shelter dogs as family pets with proper training. Richard is certified to train service dogs and is the co-founder of petdogplanet.com, which provides online pet care tips. He lives in Hollister, California, and New York.

How many people behind this blog?

We are only 7 people here to contribute to this blog.

  1. Richard Hayes (co-founder)
  2. Mahfujul Haque  {Marketing manager (SEO)}
  3. Brenda Thompson (co-founder)
  4. Erin Ash (Blogger)
  5. Reha Rubiya (Blogger)
  6. Doglus Bolinger (Blogger)
  7. Justin Meyar (Blogger)

What we actually suggest?

Be the best friend to your pet!
You have heard about the sentence “the dog is a man’s best friend”. Now it’s your turn to be their best friend. In the shelter, you can find a lot of puppies, small dogs, as well as senior dogs. Each of them has it’s own sad story. Some of them are abandoned, some abused, they are starving, and in their eyes, you can still see hope that they are going to find the new family and the new home.
Royal or not?!

Every dog deserves a warm home, lots of love, and a good owner. They are not “royal,” but they are magical and special, like they have royal blood. Abonded dogs, who are in the shelter and cannot find a new home for a longer period of time, are threatened by euthanasia, but if you adopt him, he will be more than grateful that you actually saved his life.
Seniors are also precious!
Science has proven that dog owners are more positive and laugh more. You are never going to feel lonely anymore, you will have your best friend who is going to be there for you, for better or for worse. The majority of people choose a small puppy as their new best friend. But there are also abandoned senior dogs, they are great for less active, working, and elderly people. because senior dogs are usually already trained, and less active, unlike puppies. So, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to spending time with your dog. Older dogs can be fun and silly like young ones, and they are less demanding pets.
It’s going to be worth it!
You need to know that the dog is not a toy; it is a living being, and you need to treat him like one. But you will see, the most beautiful time of the day is when you come home after hard work and your best friend wags his tail and jumps on you, happy that you are there, with him. Save someone’s life, it’s going to be worth it!

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