Support Animals

The Role of Dogs in Public Safety and Legal Matters

In the intricate tapestry of modern society, dogs have evolved far beyond their traditional roles as companions and protectors. Today,…

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Are Service Dogs Allowed Everywhere

Service dogs are crucial in assisting individuals with disabilities, offering them independence and a better quality of life. Their training…

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5 Types Of Working Dogs and Their Specific Jobs

Of the nearly 80 million dogs in the USA, around 500,000 are more than just cuddly pets. Our canine companions…

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DOT Publishes New Policies for Service Animals on Planes

For almost two decades, the Department of Transportation has used a definition of “service animal” that’s vague enough to include…

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All About Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals – they’re recognized by law and should be recognized by you! ESAs have helped thousands of people…

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