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what is a teddy bear dog?

Teddy bear dog is also known as Shichon or Zuchon. It is a mixed breed dog – a cross between the Bichon Frise and the Shih Tzu dog breeds. Please keep reading,  I will explain everything you should know about teddy bear dogs before becoming their owner.

teddy bear dog facts

Teddy bear dog breeds typically live 15 to 18 years. Most of the teddy bear dogs are playful, loving, and active. The cost of a teddy bear puppy usually depends on its particular breed. True breeds will set you back anywhere between $500 to $2000, and you can get a miniature bear dog at around $400 to $500. 

Do you want to know which is one of the most adopted dogs in the world?

Well, look no further; due to their adorable looks and size, the teddy bear dogs are one of the most popular choices for dog owners.

This breed has gained even more popularity in the last few years due to its exposure through the internet.

The teddy bear dog is relatively a new breed and falls under the designer dog category.

Many people take the decision of adopting the Teddy bear dog without knowing the full information about this dog and whether it is going to be compatible with them and their household.

So we have put together a few important pieces of information that will help you know more about these adorable dogs that look like teddy bear.

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How Big Does A Teddy Bear Dog Get?

  • The name can throw you off into thinking that Teddy bear dogs are big in size. Rather they are pretty small, coming in about 8 to 12 inches. And that’s about as big as they will get, meaning even in their adulthood, these dogs will still be small. But that does not keep them from being very soft and cuddly, becoming your best friend rather quick.
  • These dogs typically weigh between 10 and 20 pounds, and it is their small adorable size that makes them all the more attractive.
  • Resembling a bear, these dogs have a round face and a short nose.
  • Their coats are pretty fluffy, and they have large eyes that seem to speak to you.
  • The tails of these dogs are fluffy and short, and they have droopy average-length ears.


If you want to keep your teddy bear dog happily occupied, just give them their favorite chew toy.

When these dogs are relatively smaller, they have a knack for chewing on everything they find.

So to save your precious possessions, you can buy them soft toys that will easily fit into their mouths, such a rubber bones.

This way, they won’t be damaging the other stuff in your home while chewing away happily all day long.

So get them chewy toys as they are the best companions for these dogs.

Smart And Great Personality

Despite looking needy, these dogs can actually understand the needs and emotions of their owners very easily.

These dogs are very smart and adorable, and hence they were used as consultants and therapy dogs for small children.

These dogs want nothing but to comfort you, so when they sense that you are sad, they will jump on your lap and snuggle close to you, trying to cheer you up.

These types of dogs don’t just ask for love, and they give it back in return to those people who spend time with them.


It’s a common misconception among many people that they might hurt the teddy bear dog if they squeeze them too hard while hugging.

But the truth is, despite their small size, these dogs have a pretty solid body.

This is due to their bones being softer than other dog breeds, resulting in a lack of breakages when it comes to an external force.

These dogs are more strong than even a few big dogs, meaning you can hug as tightly as you want and not end up hurting them. This is exactly why they are also used for therapies.

Fast On Their Feet

When you want to take the teddy bear dog out for a walk, be sure to tie a retractable leash on them, or you run the chance of losing them.

Despite their small legs, these dogs are incredibly fast and filled with energy, resulting in you losing control when they start to run.

So be sure to take care of this issue whenever you are out and about, or you might have to be handing out lost flyers.

does a teddy bear dog shed?

If you are allergic to dander and dog hair, then these dogs are just perfect for you as they don’t shed. This aspect makes the dogs more popular than most others.

Not only will you not be sneezing away when you get near these dogs, but you also won’t have to spend any time cleaning the hair from your furniture or rugs all over the house.

Health And General Care

The teddy bear dog breed is relatively new, so there isn’t a lot of information available when it comes to health.

So it’s best to study the parent’s health records in order to avoid genetic health issues.

You need to clean the dog’s teeth regularly to avoid any gum disease and dental overcrowding.

You also need to pay attention to its eyes and ears, keeping them clean from grime to avoid any ear-related diseases.

Arthritis is a common health concern for many dog breeds, the teddy bear dogs not being an exception.

Patellar luxation is a common concern for dogs of this breed, but many small breeds have been known to live long lives without fully developing arthritis. 

You also need to pay attention to ensuring adequate sugar intake for this dog; otherwise, it may develop canine hypoglycemia resulting in the dog getting lethargic.

If not taken care of immediately, the dog might lose consciousness or even die.

Some teddy bear dogs are known to develop breathing problems caused by their short muzzle.

So you need to pay special attention to it. You need to regularly brush and trim the fluffy coat of your dog to prevent the coat from getting matted, which might result in your dog getting painful hot spots. 

How Much Does A Teddy Bear Dog Cost?

The cost of a teddy bear puppy usually depends on its particular breed and may come to over $2000.

Then there are other breeds that can cost about half the price.

So how much you will need to spend to get this dog will depend on your specific preference.

True breeds will set you back anywhere between $500 to $2000, and you can get a miniature bear dog at around $400 to $500.

Now that you know what the costs will usually be like be cautious if any breeder offers you prices below $400 as you might be conned into getting a dog of a very different breed.

Now let’s find out about a few other dogs that look like teddy bears.

Now let’s find out about a few other dogs that look like teddy bears.

10 Cutest Dogs that Look Like Teddy Bears

1. Samoyed

Samoyed - teddy bear dog

Many people will compare a Samoyed with a plush Polar Bear as its coat is fluffy and white.

A Samoyed loves being at the center of attention, and it’s easy to dote on them as they have a very sweet and loving nature.

Due to being a very astute breed, it is very easy to train these dogs, which is also a reason they fit right into a family of any size.

You need to remember that a Samoyed is a working breed, and you need to keep them occupied with daily tasks or runs if you don’t want them to get bored and turn destructive.

The Samoyed also sheds a lot, so be prepared to make a few trips to the groomer and regularly brush the fluffy coat.

TemperamentAdaptable, Friendly, Gentle
Breed Popularity Ranks 59 of 197
Height21-23.5 inches (male), 19-21 inches (female)
Weight45-65 pounds (male), 35-50 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy 12-14 years
GroupWorking Group

How much do Samoyeds cost?

Commonly, Samoyeds cost $600 – $1500, while there are some award-winning bloodlines that may cost $3000 or more. So, Samoyeds are considered one of the more expensive dog breeds you can buy.

Common health problems in Samoyeds

  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Diabetes
  • Eye problems, including cataracts and eye ulcers

2. Keeshond

Keeshond - teddy bear dog

Keeshond puppy has a lot of similarities with a bear cub as they both have short noses and rounded ears.

The coat of this dog breed also resembles a wolf’s mane as it is pretty unique and grey.

The keeshond is a very social animal, one who hates being left alone and likes nothing better than to spend time with its family.

They will love to follow you around wherever you go.

Their coats are thick and require a lot of brushing as they shed pretty heavily.

These dogs have a knack for barking and frequently yelling as they are a pretty mouthy breed.

TemperamentFriendly, Lively, Outgoing
Breed PopularityRanks 95 of 197
Height18 inches (male), 17 inches (female)
Weight35-45 pounds
Life Expectancy12-15 years

How Much Do Keeshond Cost?

Commonly, Keeshond puppy costs $1,500 – $2,000, and it depends on the pedigree of the puppies, the breeder’s time that he has put into producing the litter, and where he is located.

Common Health Problems In Keeshond

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Luxating patellas

3. Bichon Frise – Cutest Teddy Bear Dog

cutest teddy bear dog
Cutest teddy bear dog

The Bichon Frise can give you everything you need from a real-life teddy as they are very loving and cheerful. They are one of the cutest teddy bear dogs in the dog world.

You would just love to cuddle these affectionate and intelligent dogs, especially because they adapt very well to any kind of living environment, making them great as pets for apartments.

You have to be very gentle while training them, always providing a positive environment that allows them to flourish.

These dogs are very sensitive to scolding, and you also need to allot some time for daily exercise as they have a lot of silly energy that needs to be burnt off.

TemperamentPlayful, Curious, Peppy
Breed PopularityRanks 46 of 197
Height9.5-11.5 inches
Weight12-18 pounds
Life Expectancy14-15 years

How much Do Bichon Frise Cost?

Bichon Frise may cost $600 – $1500, and it depends on where you get the dog and the breeder’s costing.

Common Health Problems In Bichon Frise

  • Hyperadrenocorticism
  • Allergies
  • Patellar luxation

4. Pomeranian – Cute Teddy Bear Dog

teddy bear dog pomeranian

These dogs love attention as they have personalities that are larger than life.

They can be curious and confident, and you need to be setting some ground rules in your home to make it apparent to them that it’s you who is calling the shots.

These dogs bark a lot and are also a handful when it comes to potty training.

The Pomeranian dogs love to have new experiences and hence are a perfect companion on adventure trips where they will follow you around wherever you will go.

You must allow them to cool off every now and then as these dogs are very sensitive to heat

TemperamentInquisitive, Bold, Lively
Breed PopularityRanks 23 of 197
Height6-7 inches
Weight3-7 pounds
Life Expectancy12-16 years
GroupToy Group

How Much Do Pomeranian Cost?

Pomeranian may cost $1,000 to $3,000. There are some Specialty Poms like the black pomeranian that can cost more.

Common Health Problems In Pomeranian

  • Luxating Patellas
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Coat Loss Problems
  • Hypoglycemia

5. Newfoundland – Big Teddy Bear Dog

big teddy bear dog
Big teddy bear dog

These dogs are known to have a very calm demeanor but can also be counted upon to be brave when you need an act of heroism.

These dogs have a good reputation for rescuing adults, children, and other animals in dangerous situations.

Hence it’s easy to see how this breed of dog is one of the most loyal breeds.

These dogs have immense loyalty toward their owners, protecting and looking after the young children of the household.

This makes them more like a member of the family.

They can grow up to be from 120 to 160 pounds in weight, have a thick coat that will require to be brushed every day, and warrant frequent visits to the groomer.

TemperamentSweet, Patient, Devoted
Breed PopularityRanks 40 of 197
Height28 inches (male), 26 inches (female)
Weight130-150 pounds (male), 100-120 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy9-10 years
GroupWorking Group

How Much Do Newfoundland Cost?

Newfoundland may cost $600-$2,000. First-year expenses are around $3,930 and will be about $2,305/year (or $192/month) after that.

Common Health Problems In Newfoundland

  • Gastric torsion
  • Sub-Aortic Stenosis (SAS)
  • Cystinuria
  • Hip dysplasia

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs originated from the farmlands of Switzerland and are well known as work dogs as they were developed to pull carts, herd cattle, and also be watchdogs.

They are very friendly and calm, although they are quite sturdy and large.

These dogs are friendly and can be easily trained, but they are also full of energy and quite large in size, making them difficult to handle.

These dogs also don’t like being stuck in an apartment. You need to wipe the drool from their faces every now and then, and they also shed quite a lot.

Their bark is loud, and they tend to chase smaller animals.

These dogs can be fiercely loyal and unconditionally loving to the parent who can give them time and take care of their grooming needs.

TemperamentGood-Natured, Calm, Strong
Breed PopularityRanks 22 of 197
Height25-27.5 inches (male), 23-26 inches (female)
Weight80-115 pounds (male), 70-95 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy7-10 years
GroupWorking Group

How Much Do Bernese Mountain Dog Cost?

Bernese Mountain dog may cost $800 to $1800 depending on age, pedigree, and other factors.

Common Health Problems In Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Histiocytosis (Cancer)

7. Cavapoo – Tiny Teddy Bear Dog

Cavapoo - tiny teddy bear dog

The Cavapoo is a cross between the poodle dog breed and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This breed of dog has inherited a few of the best traits from its parent breeds, and hence they are very curious, outgoing, and playful.

These pups just love attention and are amazing as pets for your family.

They thrive better when they are in a pack setting.

The Cavapoo will just love going out and about with you and also snuggle close to you on the couch; hence they are the perfect choice if you are looking for a loyal and playful companion.

The coats of the Cavapoo are short, curly, and soft, and they do require regular brushing. But these dogs don’t shed a lot, so they are good for people with allergies.

TemperamentOutgoing, playful, and curious
Breed PopularityRanks 50 of 197
Height9 to 14 inches
Weight9 to 25 pounds
Life Expectancy12 to 15 years
GroupMixed Breed Dogs

How Much Do Cavapoo Cost?

Cavapoo may cost $1,200 to $2,000 depending on age, pedigree, and other factors.

Common Health Problems In Cavapoo

  • Syringomyelia (SM)
  • Hereditary Cataract & Multi-focal Retinal Dysplasia (MRD)
  • Degenerative mitral valve disease (MVD)

8. Miniature Poodle

what does a teddy bear dog look like

Poodles are considered to be one of the more intelligent breeds of dogs; hence they are trained easily and can be trained to do just about anything.

Poodles get bored quickly, so you will need to keep them busy with tasks.

If you can manage to keep your poodle engaged happily, you will find that they can be an excellent, loyal, loving, and smart companion for your family.

You must train them well in obedience so that their playful minds can be kept active.

Grooming the coat of the poodle is a handful task, and hence many owners prefer to take it to the groomer every other month.

Look for a reputable breeder to get your poodle from to ensure that they don’t have any genetic diseases. 

TemperamentActive, Proud, Very Smart
Breed PopularityRanks 7 of 197
Height10-15 inches
Weight10-15 pounds
Life Expectancy10-18 years
GroupNon-Sporting Group

How Much Do Miniature Poodle Cost?

Normally, Miniature Poodle puppies cost $1,200 to $5,000 depending on age, pedigree, and other factors.

Common Health Problems In Miniature Poodle

  • Trichiasis
  •  Entropion
  • Distichiasis
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma

9. Barbet

Barbet teddy bear dog

The Barbet is a sporting wooly dog breed from France that was bred to retrieve waterfowl for the hunters; that is why they have webbed feet.

The Barbets are perfect for participating in agility competitions and dog sports as they have a lot of energy.

The Barbet is a sporting wooly dog breed from France that was bred to retrieve waterfowl for the hunters; that is why they have webbed feet.

The Barbets are perfect for participating in agility competitions and dog sports as they have a lot of energy.

They also can get along well with other dogs and the kids in your household.

For a long time, the Barbet has served as a water retriever, braving through the chilling water with the help of its thick, waterproof coat.

The Barbet has a cheerful and intelligent personality. You need to brush and comb the long wooly coat of this dog daily to prevent mats from forming.

This breed is a favorite choice for people with allergies as it sheds very little.

TemperamentFriendly, Bright, Sweet-Natured
Breed PopularityN/A
Height19-24.5 inches
Weight 35-65 pounds
Life Expectancy12-14 years
GroupSporting Group

How Much Do Barbet Cost?

On average, a Barbet puppy costs $600 – $1000 depending on age, pedigree, and other factors.

Common Health Problems In Barbet

  • Elbow & Hip Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Entropion
  • Ear Infections

10. Coton De Tulear

This smart and cuddly breed of dog originated in Madagascar and has ties to the Maltese and the Bichon Frise.

These dogs get along well with everyone in the family as they are very adaptable dogs making them perfect for apartment dwellers and large homeowners alike.

These dogs are sweet, playful, and smart, making them a favorite choice for even novice parents.

These dogs are very playful, although they don’t have very excessive exercise needs.

This dog really wants to please, so it excels in obedience and agility activities. You can easily brush off the dirt from its shaggy soft coat.

Cleaning the coton is fairly simple, just give it a bath and brush it three or four times every week.

TemperamentCharming, Bright, Happy-Go-Lucky
Breed PopularityRanks 81 of 197
Height10-11 inches (male), 9-10 inches (female)
Weight9-15 pounds (male), 8-13 pounds (female)
Life Expectancy15-19 years
GroupNon-Sporting Group

How Much Do Coton De Tulear Cost?

The average Coton de Tulear cost is between $2,000 to $4,000. It depends on the breeder’s cost and where you get the dog

health issues in Coton De Tulear

  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Luxating patellas.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy.
  • Ear infections.
  • Skin allergies.
  • Hypothyroidism.


1. Do Teddy Bear Dogs Bark A Lot?

Ans: No, teddy bear dogs don’t bark too much. Although this differs from breed to breed. Most of the dogs of these breeds stay cool-headed and silently playful all the time.

2. Are Teddy Bear Dogs Good Family Pets?

Teddy bear dogs make great family dogs. Not only are they less vocal, but they are also always waiting for a chance to get your affection, and please you.

And they have good relations with children and usually are great playmates for young kids.

They genuinely love to be in the company of humans.

They will also always notify you of any visitors or strangers at your door.

They are indispensable and are priceless friends.

They are also very great at staying in small places like apartments and don’t need large yards to spend their time in.

They also get along with most other pets at home.

3. Are Teddy Bear Dogs Hard To Potty Train?

No! Teddy bear dogs are very intelligent and are easier to train than most dogs. Their obedient demeanor helps owners with less patience and experience to train potty train them substantially.

4. How Big Do Teddy Bear Dogs Get?

Teddy bear dogs don’t get too large at all. They are small breed dogs for a reason. Most of them can get 10 to 12 inches at most and weigh around 5 to 10 pounds at most. They are very tiny, especially as puppies.

5. Are Teddy bear Dogs Needy?

These adorable little dogs are needy for love and affection. All they want is that you give them your full attention when they are with you.

It won’t be too much to think that their happiness actually depends on you.

They just love to cuddle, and it can go on endlessly, sometimes becoming too much for some people.

They can even get depressed if you don’t give them the attention that they seek.

So keep in mind that these dogs are unlike other dog breeds, needing a lot of love and attention.

6. Are Teddy bear dogs Choosy?

Teddy bear dogs are not choosy; they don’t pick on who is giving them the love as long as they get lots of love and attention.

Even if you are from a big family in the same household, you will not have to worry about whom the dog loves more.

These dogs have equal love for everyone in the household. These dogs are not particularly discriminative towards their owners, meaning anyone who visits your house will get the same loving treatment from these dogs as you receive.

They also get along fabulously with any other animal in the house.

7. How Much Exercise Does A Teddy Bear Dog Needs Every Day?

The teddy bear dogs may be small in height and weigh comparatively less than the other dogs; they still have the same energy levels as that of a dog twice its size.

One of the ways these dogs maintain their health and stay fit is by spending their energy playing and exercising every day.

So it is important for you to ensure that your dogs get ample playtime every day.

You also need to take them out for walks; this way, your dog will be bonding with you and will remain well-behaved.

8. Are Teddy Bear Dogs Easy To Potty Train

The progress of the teddy bear dogs is not that advanced when it comes to the potty training department.

Meaning it is slightly more difficult to teach them where to pee and poop.

This adorable breed of dog has a reputation of peeing wherever it wants to, doing potty training for them to be quite a challenge.

Most breeds of dogs, even cats, learn potty training fairly easily, but that is just not the case with this cute little dog.

So when it comes to training this dog on how to use the litter box, you will just need to be very patient and give a little extra effort to achieve successful results.


Absolutely stunning and adorable, the teddy bear dogs have taken over the internet! If you’re into YouTube pet videos, the teddies are gaining more fans than cats.

If you already have a dog, you can try the ‘teddy bear cut’ on it to make it look more like a teddy bear. On the other hand, if having another dog is no biggie for you, get one after checking our list of teddy bear dogs!

Taking care of teddy bear dogs is more comfortable than taking care of other dogs because they don’t shed much, and are allergen-free. We know the struggle of dog lovers with allergies. Well, now you can adopt a teddy bear dog and not worry about your allergy!

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