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Canidae Dog Food Review & Ingredients Analysis

Many dog food brands often claim that their products are the best for your dog. But very few can live up to this statement. So Do You Know Which Brand is Best for Your Dog? This review will give you an in-depth overview of Canidae dry dog food products, information on any recalls and a […]

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review | Meats and Whole Grains

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is made by the Blue Buffalo Company, which has its headquarters in Wilton, Connecticut. The current CEO of the Blue Buffalo Company is Bill Bishop. If you are tired of having to feed your dog foods that seem to be mostly by-products or long lists of chemicals and additives you never heard of, […]

Wellness Dog Food Reviews | Holistic Brand Dog Food

Wellness Pet Food company is owned by Wellpet LLC, which is located in Tewksbury, Mass. It came about in 2009 when Eagle Pack dog food merged with Old Mother Hubbard dog food. The food is made by Hagan Pet foods, CJ Foods, American Nutrition, Inc., and Diamond Pet Foods. It produces both dry and canned […]

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