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Do Dogs Eat Homework?

“Teacher, I had no idea that my dog ate the homework behind my back” I bet the teacher felt sympathetic towards your lazy excuse and wept tears of heartache to pardon the sins of your 7 lives. I think not!!!! Why would a sane almost docile being, go out of their way to eat your […]

The Common Diseases in Dogs

Dogs are special creatures. They influence children’s emotional, social, and cognitive development, and positively impact the lives of their owners. They provide companionship and promote an active lifestyle for thousands, so much so that 38% of US households home a dog.  Dogs are important to their owners’ health and wellbeing. However, as a dog owner, […]

10 Dog Grooming Mistakes to Avoid for New Owners

Grooming is a significant part of making your pet healthy and happy. While there are many professionals offering the service, many people prefer to groom their dogs at home. Unfortunately, in the process, they make a few dog grooming mistakes that ruin the whole process. Being aware of these grooming mistakes can help you act […]

Do Dogs Know You Love Them?

Affection can be expressed in many forms. Verbal, physical, or by certain actions we do to express it. This ultimately conveys our message to the recipient. As humans, this is a straight-forward task, its inherent. We were born with extreme physical and mental fluidity. This helps us do what no other animals could do before […]

What Is Clicker Training for Dogs?

One of the most challenging parts of having a dog is training them to behave the way you want them to in any given circumstance. Many people use what’s called clicker training to help speed up this process of training. What is clicker training for dogs? And how can we incorporate it into our training […]

The 4 Most Important Puppy Training Commands

Did you just get a new puppy and wonder what he should learn first? Is the amount of information available on the internet and in dog training books just too much to go through? We got you – here are the 4 most important commands your pup should learn. Come When Called Coming when called […]

American Journey Peanut Butter Recipe Oven Baked Dog Treats

For a well behaved and sweet dog, you need a wholesome present for your dog like the American Journey’s peanut butter oven-baked Dog treats to express your love towards it. Crispy with a satisfying crunch and peanut buttery goodness makes it a delight for your dogs to enjoy. Grain, poultry, and all-natural flavoring let the […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Try Kayaking With Your Dog This Summer

I started bringing my dog along with me on my kayaking adventures about eight years ago, and we haven’t looked back. We adopted our pup Charlie, and we wanted to create a lot of memorable moments with him. He was a beautiful golden retriever and loved to play outdoors.  We figured we could do a […]

5 Top Tips for How to Take Care of a Fish for Complete Beginners

Are you looking for a pet that doesn’t take up much space but still adds to your life? Then you’ll want to consider learning how to take care of a fish. According to estimates, around 15 million households in the United States have a freshwater or saltwater fish, making them a popular choice. And for […]