Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs Calculator – Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs?

Chocolate is harmful for dogs.

Concentration of theobromine varies with the formulation of the chocolate

  • Milk chocolate has 44mg/oz (154mg/100gm)
  • Semisweet chocolate has 150 mg/oz (528mg/100gm)
  • Baking chocolate 390mg/oz (1365 mg/100gm)



The consumption and digestion of chocolate in dogs are extremely harmful.  Below is a chart that breaks down the amount of chocolate and how harmful it can be.  It is recommended to NEVER feed your dog chocolate and always give it a proper and healthy dog food diet

As always, consult with your vet as much as possible.  Do not be foolish and put your dog’s life at risk.

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When in doubt, consult with your vet or a certified breeder who knows that they are doing.

Toxic amounts of chocolate

Dogs WeightAmount of Milk Choc Amount of  Unsweet. ChocApprox. Mg. Theobromine
5 lb. 4 oz..5  oz.200
10 lbs8 oz. 1.0  oz.400
20 lbs.1 lb. 2.5  oz.900
30 lbs.2 lbs.3.25 oz.1300
40 lbs.2.5 lbs.4.5  oz.1800
50 lbs.3 lbs.5.5  oz.2250
60 lbs.4 lbs.7.0  oz.2700
70 lbs. 5 lbs.8.5  oz.3400

 in metrics:

Dog’s WeightAmount of Milk ChocAmount of Unsweet. ChocApprox. Mg. Theobromine
2.2 kg.113.4 g.14.1 g.200
4.5 kg.226.8 g.28.3 g.400
9.0 kg.453.6 g.70.8 g.900
13.6 kg907.2 g.92.1 g.1300
18.0 kg.1.134 kg.127.5 g.1800
22.6 kg.1.360 kg.156.0 g.2250
27.2 kg.1.814 kg.198.4 g.2700
31.7 kg.2.268 kg.240.9 g.3400


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