Dog Anxiety

How to Calm a Dog Down with Anxiety

Any pet parent will tell you that watching their dog suffer from anxiety and stress leaves them feeling helpless and…

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6 Warning Signs of an Unhappy Dog

It can be hard to tell if your pet is happy or not. They don’t talk, after all. While that’s…

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How to Deal with Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

You got promoted to a new job schedule or you got a new job that you have less time for…

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How Service Dogs Help Humans with Anxiety and Depression

We live, we breathe, we eat, and then one day eventually die. Life is fleeting and moments are more precious…

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10 Effective Ways to Treat Dog Depression

Dog, a man’s best friend, the protector of your house, children, and even you. They are considered to be the…

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How to Tell If Your Dog is Depressed And What to Do About It

Depression…A never-ending abyss of the disparity. Shackles that scar our being into the darkest moments of our lives and slowly…

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