Dog Diseases

5 Common Dog Health Problems and How to Treat Them

Most dogs live around 10 to 13 years, and some breeds can live until they are 15 years old. If the…

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Hip Dysplasia In Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment Options & Prevention

Hip dysplasia in dogs is an extremely common issue, particularly amongst big breeds. However, do not let that hinder you…

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How to Take Care of a Sick Dog?

This is more heartbreaking than seeing our little munchkins sick. The house seems dull when our super energetic dogs fall…

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3 Ways To Spot Health Problems In Newborn Puppies

There are a variety of harmful and potentially fatal illnesses that can affect newborn puppies. These include parvovirus, distemper, adenovirus,…

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Top 7 Signs Your Dog May Be Sick

You often hear dog owners referring to their canines as their “fur-babies.” With any baby, you’re going to want to…

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Symptoms & Treatments of Common Dog Diseases

Pets are living beings like us and get health complications; to combat, we need proper pet treatment. Pets like dogs…

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The Common Diseases in Dogs

Dogs are special creatures. They influence children’s emotional, social, and cognitive development, and positively impact the lives of their owners.…

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What to Do When Your Dog is Coughing Up Blood

Watching your dog cough up blood is painful, and it can make you nervous.  This article is a full guide…

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What Are Your Options After You Find out Your Dog Has CHF

People often think that cardiovascular conditions are problems only humans have to deal with. This is certainly not the case.…

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7 Practical Tips For Controlling Your Dog’s Allergies

Allergies in dogs can be a frustrating and distressing condition for both pets and their owners. Allergies can manifest through…

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