5 Best Customizable Pet Gifts

We all have that one friend who is absolutely in love with their pet (or maybe you’re that friend). Animals have special places in our hearts. So it’s only natural to keep them front and center. For the animal lover(s) in your life, that means pet swag. But what could they want that they don’t already have? Let’s check out some of the best customizable pet gifts to warm pet lovers’ hearts.

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Custom Plush

Best friends are forever when you create a one-of-a-kind plush replica of a beloved pet. Our cherished kitties and pups won’t always be with us, so why not memorialize them with a custom plush created in their image? An ideal gift for someone who has a senior pet or has recently lost one, life-sized stuffed animals provide lasting reminders of the strong bond between owner and pet.  

Because these gifts are made to order, they’re usually more expensive but well worth the price. Various services create highly-detailed replicas of animals ranging from dogs and cats to birds and reptiles. Simply upload photos of the animal from multiple angles (this shouldn’t be hard because pet parents take countless photos) and indicate any distinguishing features so the end product is as accurate as possible. Custom plushes can take 8-10 weeks for delivery, so plan accordingly if you’ll need it by a special date.

Pet Portrait

Caricature, realistic, or somewhere in between, custom pet portraits express our love for our animal friends in a personal way. Maybe your friend has wanted a custom pet drawing for a while but hasn’t made the investment. Or you heard that the Humane Society promised to provide hand-drawn pet portraits in exchange for a small donation (orders are closed now, but the idea was for an awesome cause and gave us a few laughs). In any case, pet portraits are artful ways to bring furry friends into home decor. 

If a pet portrait seems like the perfect gift, it’s even better because the process is so easy. Just pick a favorite photo, upload it with your order and add in customizations like the pet’s name or an optional frame for the drawing. Custom drawings only take a few weeks to arrive, so they’re ideal for birthday gifts.

Phone Cases

No one should have to leave home without their furry friend. With a custom phone case, pet lovers will never be far from their pride and joy. Gift a custom printed phone case so your friend can look into the loving eyes of their faithful companion after a long conference call.

Custom cases are easy to produce and affordable gifts for special occasions, or as “Just Because” gifts. The biggest quest might be, “Will it work for the recipient’s device?” Because of the variety of phones available, cases aren’t available for all of them. However, you can personalize cases for popular devices like the iPhone and Samsung. Check before you order your gift.

Custom T-shirt

Show some pet love with functional and fashionable accessories. Whether it’s for a friend or for yourself (we won’t judge), a customized t-shirt is a fun and quirky reminder of close animal friends. Grab a photo or drawing of a favorite pet and design a one-of-a-kind item. Your co-worker isn’t a morning person? Enjoy a laugh together with a custom tee of their pet’s cranky expression and added text to match. 

Custom tees are budget-friendly and come in a variety of colors and sizes, so they’re the go-to gifts for anyone. And quick, too. Screen printed gifts only take a few days to make, so you can likely have your gift shipped and in hand within a week. Not too shabby for a last-minute purchase!

Furry Friend Blankets

Who says photo blankets are just mementos of kids and grandkids? Animal lovers can curl up with a good book, blanket, and their pet…even when Fido is sleeping in his own bed. Whether it’s a tapestry-sized woven blanket or a small, lap quilt to snuggle with on the couch, a custom blanket is a thoughtful, realistic reminder of four-legged friends.

Create a custom blanket with as many photos as you want, and experts will print or weave your images into fabrics like fleece or cotton. Why not memorialize a favorite pose or memory? Custom blankets take time to produce and are more expensive, so reserve this as a special occasion or holiday gift and drink in your recipient’s priceless reaction!

Give Them Something Memorable with a Customizable Pet Gift

There’s no feeling like the love we have for our family pets, and every pet owner holds tight to their furry friends. So the best customizable pet gifts are the ones that are personal and bring a smile to someone’s face. Stuck on a gift idea? Try one of these and let us know how it works out!

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