5 Pawsome Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

We all know a friend who thinks of their dog as more than a pet, it’s their fur baby. We compiled a list of 5 pawsome gifts just for humans who love the company of dogs (maybe more than most human company). These ideas will make sure that you give your friends a gift they’ll truly love!

awesome gift ideas for dog lovers

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1. Grooming Gifts

Grooming gift for dog lover

Most dogs shed and get dirty sometimes! Spiff your pal’s put up with some great grooming gifts. You can’t go wrong with the newest brush that promises to keep your dog’s hair healthy or a nice smelling oatmeal shampoo and don’t forget the fun clips so your favorite pet lover can complete their dog’s look. They will thank you when their pet is looking their best!

2. Pet Portrait on Canvas

There’s something uniquely touching about having a dog’s likeness transformed into a painting. Mavenart.com offers an exceptional service where your pet’s photo is artistically turned into a captivating dog painting on canvas. Their team of talented artists ensures that each brush stroke not only replicates the dog’s appearance but also conveys its individual character. Such a gift is more than just a piece of art; it’s a testament to the special bond between a dog and its human. It’s a heartfelt gesture that your friend will cherish for years to come, a canvas that reminds them of their canine companion’s timeless charm.

3. Custom Stuffed Plush that Looks Like Your Dog

Custom gifts for dog lovers today goes far beyond just engraving the pets name into their dog bowls. Petsies allows you to create a custom stuffed plush of your four-legged friend from a photo you take. Imagine your friend being able to take their dog anywhere they want easily! Your loved one with be amazed when they open up the box and find their furry friend’s lookalike.

4. High Tech Pet Gadgets

High Tech Pet Gadgets

We live in an age with awesome technology that is being applied to our pets too. From personalized dog DNA tests that can tell you the origin of your dog to cameras so you can watch and talk to your dog when you are away, there is no shortage of options for the tech-savvy dog owner.

5. Instagram-Worthy Gifts

We all know someone who has made an Instagram for their pooch. These can be some of the hardest people to buy gifts for because they have a ton of pet products already. But just like women like their shoes, you can never have enough adorable doggy outfits! Go wild picking out cute pet-friendly clothing for them from hoodies to hats. You can also buy a mobile phone attachment that will hold a treat or ball so your friends can get the perfect snap of their pet on the go.

6. Fun, Fuzzy, Comforting Dog Gifts

When it gets chilly out comfy sweaters can be a good gift option for those long early morning walks. You could also opt for a new cozy dog bed. Try a warm dog blanket for a fuzzy place for a dog lovers best friend.

All of these options are perfect for the dog lover in your life. They will love the thought that you put into finding something perfect for their best friend.

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