Why People Create Portraits Of Dogs?

Perhaps you’ve been round to a family member or friend’s house recently and noticed a new portrait on their wall. Wall hanging space and mantelpieces are typically reserved for human portraits. However, there’s a growing trend for dog portraits to appear alongside them. Your first thought might be the question, “Why?.”

There are lots of different reasons why someone might order custom dog portraits. For one, it can be nice to commemorate your pet, particularly if they’re a family favorite. Some people also enjoy the humor that comes from putting a pet portrait on the wall. In this guide, we’ll be looking at reasons why people create portraits of their animals and how to create a pet portrait.

1. To Create a Lasting Memory of Your Pet

Our pets, unfortunately, can’t be around forever. One of the primary reasons why people get pet portraits is so that they have something to remember them by when they’re gone. It’s hard to think about our pets, eventually leaving us, but no pet can live forever. With a pet portrait, you can have a lasting keepsake to remember them by that adds more character than a simple photograph.

2. To Create a Point of Interest in Your House

If you want something on your wall that will stand out and create a conversation, a pet portrait is a great option. They’re unique and never fail to attract people’s attention, especially from fellow pet lovers. If you’ve got a portrait of your dog or cat in your house, people are almost certain to ask you about it when they see it.

3. To Highlight the Personality of Your Pet

Every pet has its own distinct personality, and a portrait can help to capture that on the canvas. You can ask the artist to add elements that help show your pet’s personality. The artist will often add things themselves to help make the portrait stand out. All of the best portrait artists are masters at capturing the expression and personality of the subject in their brush strokes. A pet portrait artist will also know how to give style and character to your pet’s portrait.

4. To Give as a Gift to a Family Member or Friend

A lot of your friends or family members may have a beloved pet. What better gift to give than a portrait of their dog or cat to hang on their wall? Pet portraits are becoming increasingly popular as a gift for relatives or friends. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or any other kind of holiday, these portraits can be a perfect surprise to your loved ones or friends.

How Are Pet Portraits Made

The normal process involves you passing a photo of your pet over to an artist and commissioning a portrait. You can choose how big you want the picture, the kind of style, and any other personal touches that will make it more unique.

The artist will then create the portrait for you, basing it around the photo of your pet. Make sure you choose a good photo that really captures how they look and their personality. A lot of pet portraits use traditional paint and a canvas, but a lot of modern pet portraits will use digital techniques. These help to create a stylish picture that will look great no matter where you choose to display it in your house.

Some pet portrait companies even allow you to add your pet’s portrait to items like mugs, bags or cushions. If you want something slightly different to decorate your house with, these are a great option. You can even order multiple sets and give some out to your family members and anyone else who loves your pet.

The number of days it takes for you to receive your pet portrait will depend a lot on the service you use. Most services will typically look to complete your portrait within a few business days, but it’s always best to check before you buy.

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