How to Use Argan Oil on Dogs – is Argan Oil Good for Dogs

Human beings have been using Moroccan argan oil for years now. But have you considered using this holistic natural oil on your dog?

Using argan oil on your dog is not only safe, but it also brings a number of benefits for your canine buddy. You can use this precious oil on the dog’s fur and skin.

However, you don’t want your dog licking the oil from its skin, because it is not edible. The best way is to keep it distracted with something else like treats, toys, etc. while you apply the oil on its coat. 

We are going to dive deeper into the uses and benefits of argan oil for your dog in this article. To learn more about it, please keep reading. 

Benefits of Argan Oil

Moroccan argan oil is an organic oil that is looked upon as ‘the tree of life’ by the local residents of Morocco. This oil gained popularity first as a cosmetic product. 

It is a natural moisturizer for skin and hair. The oil is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients that combat dry skin and improves overall skin quality. 

The known nutrients in argan oil are vitamin E and fatty acids. The beauty businesses have been using this oil in many of their products. However, for your dog, we suggest that you use 100% pure and natural argan oil. 

This natural essential oil will hydrate and soften the skin and hair of your dog. It is known to increase the elasticity of hair and make its coat shinier. Moreover, it protects the mutt’s coat from harmful ultraviolet rays and neutralizes free radicals. 

You can use the oil to soften your dog’s paws, reduce shedding, reduce inflammation, ease itchiness from allergies, provide relief from bug bites, prevent dry skin, heal sunburn, and treat dandruff. Who knew argan oil was so beneficial for your doggo? 

Is Argan Oil Safe for Dogs?

Yes, argan oil is safe to use on dogs, but you have to use it the right way. There are side effects to argan oil. However, that is relevant only if your dog consumes a lot of argan oil instead of letting it stay on its skin. 

You must massage a little bit of argan oil on your dog’s coat. Don’t apply the oil on its face lest it feels like licking it unconsciously. 

You should also train your dog to not lick the oil after you have applied it on its skin. Generally, this oil is not used for consumption, but only for exterior application.

Additionally, you must observe your dog after you apply argan oil for the first time on its skin. If you see any adverse reaction or allergic tendencies, stop using the oil. It is recommended that you start applying this oil on your dog’s skin after consulting with a veterinarian. 

Side Effects of Argan Oil on Dogs

Usually, argan oil contains no toxic substance that is potentially harmful to dogs. Nonetheless, when consumed in a massive amount, your dog may experience some health problems, like pancreas and kidney issues. 

If accidentally ingested, the oil can cause gas, nausea, and diarrhea. The last thing you want is your dog to suffer, so please be careful and don’t leave the container of argan oil where your dog can reach it. 

How to Use Argan Oil on Your Dog

You are allowed to apply 100% organic argan oil on your dog’s paws, elbows, coat, and skin. Not only does this oil moisturize its coat, it also de-tangles them so that it is easier for you to brush its coat. 

The best time to use argan oil on your dog is after bath time. The dog’s can dry out after a bath, so you can use argan oil to moisturize its skin and coat. 

Pour some oil on your palm, then apply it evenly all over its body. Brush the coat gently afterward to finish up. 

Moreover, you can also prepare a solution of argan oil in a spray bottle, then spray on its coat after a shower. Don’t skip the paws, elbows, ears, and tail. 

Dogs with fuzzy, puffy coats really need a dose of argan oil. Once you have sprayed or massaged the oil all over its body, it will become easier for you to brush through its coat. 

Another way to use argan oil on your dog is by mixing the oil with its shampoo or conditioner. Shampoo or conditioner is not something your dog will be tempted to lick. So, take this opportunity to add some argan oil into the mix. 

Once the oil has been evenly applied to its fur, blow-dry to let the oil set in properly. The result is a silky coat that feels good to the touch! 

In any case, you should not use any oil on your puppy until it reaches the age of ten weeks. As for a pregnant dog, follow the same usage as discussed here, and don’t let it lick the oil. 

Final Thoughts

Although it is a new concept, using argan oil to improve your dog’s skin and fur seems like a great idea. Since shampoo can steal the luster and oiliness of its coat after a shower, good moisturizing is required. 

Despite many companies selling products that contain argan oil in addition to other chemicals, don’t use them on your dog. Only use cold-pressed purely natural argan oil. 

Furthermore, make sure your pooch is not laying its tongue on the oil-soaked fur before it is completely dry. If you follow the guidelines and use the product the right way, no danger will befall your little buddy. 

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