Teach a Dog to Fetch | The Comprehensive Guideline to Teach a Dog to Fetch a Frisbee.

Your pet dog needs some exercise to be healthy and needs to build a special bonding with you by spending more time, playing fetch will surely be a good idea to complete both of these. It can be a greater way to make your dog exercise regularly and the dog will take it as playing with you. Playing fetch will also make your dog loyal to you as it makes the mutual bonding stronger.

You can also take this as your own personal recreation. But many of the dogs doesn’t play fetching by its own. They need to be trained on this. Basically, most of the dog have an instinct to chase anything by genetically. They are closely similar to the wolves and had hunting habit when they used to live in wild. As for their that nature, they still can chase and they love to do so.

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But most of the dog will chase anything that has been thrown to them but they won’t pick that up even they pickup they won’t bring that to you. For a complete fetch play, they need to be trained though there are some dogs found which have already been trained to play fetching.

In order to teach your dog how they could play fetch with you, you need to follow the instructions that have been described below. Would you like to make your dog fetch something for you? Simply just follow the steps to teach your dog how to fetch anything.
There is basically five simple steps to teach your dog how to fetch. All the steps are described below.

1. Teach your dog how to give the ball

This step is very first and important one. You simply just start teaching your dog with this step. And this step plays an important role in the whole teaching session as it is the main part of the training session.

Simply just hand her the ball and tell her to drop the ball. On the first move it won’t work out, but keeping practices and rewarding your dog with treats will make it count.

First give the ball towards your dog and tell him to pick up the ball. Once your dog pick up the toy that you gave to him with his mouth simply just bring your hand below its mouth. Don’t provide any command for right now, just wait till he drop the toy. As the dog drops the toy again put the ball and tell him to pick up.

After he pickup and drop, give him a special treat as reward each time. This will encourage the dog to next step easily.

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2.Teach Your Dog to Approach You While He Carrying the Ball

After completing the first step it’s another important step for the dogs. As their instinct tell them to chase anything that is thrown before them and they know how to drop things in your hand. But they don’t know how to bring the thing to you.

Firstly toss the ball or toy a little distance as one or two pace. When he picks the ball tell him to bring the ball gently. The distance shouldn’t be not far than 1 or 2 feet. If you have practiced the first step pretty well he will bring the ball to you happily not even being asked.

Now throw again but a little distance far. Let the dog bring again the toy. Treat him for reward. After a longer distance the dog will lose the interest to bring it back. Again treat him
Simply follow this step several times each time making the toss a little far. Gradually increase the distance and teach him how to carry the ball. After 2-3 steps treat him as he don’t get uninterested on this lesson.

This lesson will surely teach your dog how to carry the ball while approaching towards you.

3. Teaching the dog to pick up the ball from drop point

This is the easiest step in this whole lesson. Also, important for teaching the fetching. When you have successfully trained your dog the second step this step is very much easy to teach him.

The dog should be all aware where the ball dropped when you threw as you kept a gradual increase in the distance and the distance is far enough to play the fetch. Your dog should be alerted when you throw the ball.
Before throwing the ball simply shake it twice before the dog so that the ball gets his attention. This will help the dog to find the drop point and track the ball.

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4. Make the lesson more motivative

After you have successfully completed all the lessons carefully now it is time to make your dog encourage playing this game over again and again. Try to follow up all the steps again gradually. See if your dog does all the steps pretty well.

But never make your dog over practicing this will make him tired and bored. And if you force him to do so, he will lose all the interest in this game.

5. Teaches to Wait for Your Dog Till You Throw the Ball

This is step is quite essential to complete the whole training. You need to lose your dog’s temper and make him wait till you throw the ball.

Teach your dog to respond only when you throw the ball. Tell your dog to seat when he tries to run advance before throwing the ball. Tell him to sit and wait. This will also increase your commanding ability over him.
Sometimes you can give a little treat to make your dog waiting to throw the ball. Once you throw the ball command him to run and grab the ball very fast.

Dogs are men’s best friend. From the very beginning, we had a bonding with these dogs. Dogs are inhabited to chase and hunt. Utilizing their ability as an old achieved habit you can play fetching with your dog. You can really spend a great time with your dog.
Some of the dogs can just fetch the thing automatically by their instinct whether other may require the training. Following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily teach your dog fetching.

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