10 Questions to Ask Your Vet on the First Visit About Medication

Regardless of how much we love our dogs and how well we care for them, at some point in their lives they will get sick and the vet will prescribe your dog medication. Unfortunately, just like we depend too much on medication for our own health and take them at the slightest sign of problems, we over-do it with dog medication as well, and so does our dog’s veterinarian.

In a great majority of cases, the health problem will go away with rest, lots of clean water, and good healthy food. But, there will be times when our dog is not getting better and he or she might need more than just good care. Just like for ourselves, or for our kids, we have to make sure our dog is getting the dog medication he or she needs.

10 questions to ask your vet on the first visit about the dog medication that is prescribed

questions to ask your vet on the first visit

1. What is that medication for?

Make sure you know what is wrong with your dog and what the dog medication is supposed to do for him. Some vets are too quick to prescribe medications or dog vitamins when there are more natural remedies.

2. How should the dog medication be administered?

Some dog medication should be taken on an empty stomach, others are bitter and have to be given with a bit of food, so that your dog does not spit it out. Try Pill Pockets to make your life easier. Make sure you know when, how often, and for how long you are supposed to give your dog medication.

3. Are there any side effects?

Sometimes the side effects are worse than the dog illness. Ask about it and if you are not happy with the answer, ask for an alternative dog medication.

4. Where should I keep the dog medication?

Make sure you know what are the requirements for your dog medication. Some of them spoil quickly if they are not refrigerated. Others are better at room temperature.

5. Is it likely that the medication will cause my dog to vomit it?

If your dog cannot absorb the medication or reacts with severe vomiting, you may need to take him to a pet hospital.  Dogs can dehydrate very quickly and severe dehydration can kill them. Make sure you know in advance what to expect and how to act.

6. If I skip a dose, should I give my dog a double dose next time?

Some dog medication, like antibiotics, have to be taken regularly to keep a steady dose in the system. Others can be dangerous if taken in larger doses. Make sure you know about it.

7. If my dog is feeling better, should l stop giving him dog medication?

It is tempting to stop giving your dog his medication if he shows signs of feeling better, but in some cases, like with antibiotics, it is necessary to go through a full cycle.

8. Is there a natural alternative to this dog medication?

Some vets are more open to alternative medicines and will be happy to advise you about herbs, diets or other alternatives to prescription dog medications. If you are more likely to opt for natural remedies for yourself, you should look for the same for your dog.

9. How quickly should I expect my dog to feel better?

You have to know if the dog medication your vet prescribed is working or not. If you wait too long, you might endanger your dog.

10. If my dog gets worse and it is after office hours, who should I call?

Make sure you have an emergency vet number handy in case your vet is not taking emergency calls. Find out where the nearest 24 hour pet hospital is.

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