Best Wireless Dog Fence for a Large Area (yards)

In houses that have a large area of ​​land, where pets can walk freely, there is a safety problem for the animal. It is possible that you are near roads, vehicles, rivers, or areas that could represent a danger.

One possibility of keeping the dog safe is installing a fence or a high fence, but the cost of placing these fences is not very cheap and you have the worry of doing maintenance every so often or repairing them, if necessary.

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It may be that in the area where the owner lives, this type of fence is not allowed, due to legal issues or urban planning requirements. In addition, this type of fence limits the vision of the landscape and does not guarantee that the dog does not escape, because it can escape through any opening that it has.

In all these cases, it is not a good solution to place a barrier that is fixed. The best option for farms or large houses that have a very large area of ​​land, is to install a wireless fence for dogs for large area.

Why do we need a wireless dog’s fence for a large area?

Keeping the pet safe has to be one of the main priorities for its owner. It is your responsibility for the safety of the animal and all the welfare you may have at home. Thinking about this, the wireless fence for dogs that covers a large area was invented. The wireless dog fence always provides you with better fences for your pets.

Especially in large farms or properties that have extensive patios and green areas around the house, it is impossible to control the animal, unless it is kept locked or tied with a chain.

To avoid these practices, which are not the healthiest for the dog, the best solution is the installation of this innovative system, which is harmless for the pet, very simple to use and install, and has technical advice from professionals. , who can guide you in case of any doubt.

When putting this system, the dog will be free to move, without risk, within the perimeter that has been determined. You will begin to enjoy seeing your pet running and playing everywhere, without worrying about something bad happening or escaping.

Characteristics of the best wireless dog fence for a large area

  • SportDOG Underground Wire Dog Containment Kits with Option for Remote Trainer

This underground system is very versatile, covers an area of ​​1 1/3 acres of land, and can cover up to 100 acres if you acquire more SDF-WF flags and wire; therefore it is the one with the most coverage.

It features a roll of 1000 ft. Long 20 gauge wire, the collar that is waterproof and has 4 forms of correction. In addition, you can activate the vibration or tone, according to the character of the dog. If you wish, you can buy additional Add-A-Dog collars for other dogs.

It has a very important detail because it is protected against lightning since the dog will be on the outside of the house, this will keep it safe during thunderstorms. It also has a function called anti-persistence that does not allow battery operation, unless necessary.

When the cable is damaged, it emits an alert signal that warns to proceed with its change. This device is manufactured for dogs weighing 10 pounds or more but can be adapted to small dogs. The battery has a duration of 6 months to 1 year and the collar has an indicator for when the battery is low.

It is designed to withstand any climate, whether it is hot, rainy, or snowy, the device will remain fully operational. The technical advice and assistance for any questions or queries are available 6 days a week.

To put it to work, you just have to bury the cable in the area you prefer to delimit, set the flags to know where it is located, and proceed to connect the transmitter, which is responsible for emitting a radio signal to the cable.

By placing the collar with the contact points on the neck, the dog can be trained and walk through a limited space without problems. But if the animal enters the warning zone, a warning tone will be issued.

In case the dog ignores it, a download will be made as a correction, with the points of contact so that it does not continue advancing and back to the safe area. The system will alert and continue sending stimulations of not returning to the limit area.

The price of the wireless fence for dogs SportDOG underground is $ 259.95. If you wish, you can acquire, additionally, a remote training for $ 399.95, which comes with the containment device. His score is 4.2 on a scale of 5.


  • It comes with 1000 feet of cable and expands to cover 1 1/3 acres.
  • Waterproof and resistant to any weather
  • Protection against lightning
  • For dogs of 10 pounds and more.
  • Signal alert when the cable is damaged and the battery is low.


  • Require to open a trench or fix the cable to the floor with the flags.


 A wireless dog fence can be a great option for large areas. It is important to carefully research the options to find one that fits your needs and budget before purchasing. We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about what may work best for you!

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