Training Your Pet on Wireless pet Fences

An invisible or wireless fence can be an effective way to contain your pet without creating an eyesore, but it will take some training to work effectively. If you’re considering one of these fences to keep your four-legged friend safe on your property and to stop him or her from escaping, take the time to help them understand their new barriers with these effective training tips.

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1. Teach Your Pet Basic Commands

Before you jump into invisible or wireless fence training, your pet needs to understand some simple obedience commands. “Come” and “stay” are all you really need for fence training, and you may want to use the pet’s name rather than “come”. You will need these commands to be part of your pet’s obedience vocabulary in order for the fence to be at its most effective and for your pet to get a better understanding of what is going on.
You can train your pet that certain areas are off-limits. Commands like “no” and “home” will help your pet grasp the concept of where he or she is supposed to be and where he or she isn’t supposed to go.

2. Show Your Pet The New Fence

Most wireless fences have posts that you place into the ground. These set the boundaries, and your pet can be taught how to become familiar with where they are. Give your pet a chance to see the new additions to the property while on a controlled walk. Keep your pet on a leash while showing them the posts; use the lowest setting, i.e. the warning beep, to indicate which areas are out of bounds. Once your pet understands that beeps or shocks are connected to these new boundary posts, they will be better able to understand how to stay within the confines of the fence. It can be frustrating for a pet to not know where their limits extend to, and you can help ease that frustration with this first walkthrough.

Think carefully about where you are going to place the fence posts before you set them in stone, as you can really confuse the pet if you ever move them. It’s also important that you check online for wireless pet fence reviews to ensure you get a suitable and effective option for your pet.

3. Use Perimeter Markings To Help Your Pet Understand

You may want to place some wires or strings along the edges of the property once the wireless fence is activated. These can create a temporary visual boundary that your pet can get used to. Once again, walk your pet along the boundary lines to get them used to where their limits have been set. Use firm commands and a leash to keep her under control and to help her understand what is expected of her.

4. Use The Proper Fencing

Not every electronic fence will be a good fit for your pet. Some of them emit a warning beep to ensure your pet knows that he or she is about to cross the boundary and get a shock. That can be very helpful, and without that warning, some pets will never learn where they are supposed to stay.

5. Be Patient With Your Pet

Your pet may try to jump the fence or ignore the warning beep and even the initial shock. It might be necessary to increase the power of the fence’s shock, especially with larger pets or pets that have a tendency to run away or get into trouble, lost or hurt. Once your pet starts to adjust to the fence and gets used to staying inside the boundaries, you will be able to decrease the power of the shock.

You can also reward your pet for being at home when you arrive by giving them a treat. This can help your pet to stay within the fence and be ready and waiting for your arrival. Look for ways that you can positively reinforce good behaviour rather than punishing bad behaviour, and you will get a better response out of your pet.

Just about any pet can be trained to stay within the confines of a wireless or electric fence. It just takes some work, training, and positive reinforcement. Good luck!

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