7 Useful Winter Dog Products for Your Teacup Puppy

Buying a small companion may represent the best choice in your case, especially if you want a dog that is easy to handle and fits well inside an apartment. However, teacup puppies will require additional care, especially during winter.

winter cloth for teacup puppy

Small dog breeds and small puppies don’t have what it takes to go through the winter that well. They can get cold with ease, which can be dangerous especially in the case of small puppies. While winter can be a magical season, you need to be well equipped if you want to protect your dog appropriately.

So, whether you are looking to buy a small puppy in the coming period or offer it as a Christmas gift, here is a list of winter products for your puppy that will keep it warm and safe.

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1. Warm dog clothes

Small dogs need extra protection during winter, especially if your dog has a short coat. Luckily, pet stores are packed with dog clothes in the cold season, so all you have to do is find the right size. That can be quite a challenge if you have a tiny puppy, but you will eventually find something suitable.

No matter what you do, do not allow your puppy to go out in cold weather without something warm to cover its back. Dogs can also catch a cold and this can be a rather large burden for a small puppy. Puppies are also fragile because their immune system is still developing, so take good care of it.

2. A waterproof jacket

Warm clothes can do the trick for cold days, but they may not do well in rainy weather. You will need a waterproof jacket that will keep your puppy dry no matter what. You can either use a raincoat on top of a sweater or get a thick water-proof jacket that will be warm and insulating at the same time.

Small dog breeds usually lack their undercoats, which makes them suitable for indoor living. But, when it comes to facing bad weather, their coats are simply insufficient. Thus, they will get wet and cold extremely fast, which is dangerous as they can hit hypothermia in a very short period.

3. Special balm for their tiny paws

Walking on frozen grounds can be extremely pleasant for a dog. Its paws can get cracked due to low temperatures, which is painful and uncomfortable. Also, if you are used to throwing salt on the alley, to avoid the formation of ice, it will be even worse for your dog’s paws. Salt can be very irritating, especially if the paws were already affected by the cold.

In order to protect your dog’s paws, it is recommended to use a special balm that acts as a safety layer for the paw’s surface. Ideally, you should pick products that don’t contain petroleum. Instead, the balm should contain thick plant-based balms, such as mango or shea butter.

You should apply a layer of balm on the dog’s paws before each walk outside. The rather greasy balm will keep its paws safe from salt, ice, and the cold. This type of balm should be used on dogs of all sizes and ages, as every dog can be affected by the unpleasant environmental conditions during winter.

4. Products for potty time

Sometimes, the weather will simply be too bad to take your small puppy out for potty time. If you have a teacup puppy and there are massive snowfalls, you can imagine that your puppy will simply sink into the snow. So, there will be no way for it to do its thing.

Also, it may be unpleasant for you to go out on a blizzard, let alone for your small puppy. So, you’d better set a potty area for the winter, where your dog can relieve itself without having to face the nipping cold outside. For this, you will have to make some supplies for the potty time.

You can either use an absorbent puppy mat or a special dog litter. The litter can be placed in a special tray and will absorb both the liquid and unpleasant odors. There are products made out of cellulose, which is a natural and biodegradable material. It produces no dust and you can easily scoop the debris out of the box, enjoying a clean house at all times.

5. A mat or pillow that can warm itself up

Small teacup puppies will require a warm environment to sleep in during the night. Since it is not safe to tuck it in bed with you, as you could roll over it at night, a better option would be to get is a self-warming pillow. A small Chihuahua or Yorkie will definitely appreciate sleeping on such a pillow.

This kind of pillows or dog bed is much better than electric blankets, for example. They are safer and will deliver only the amount of warmth that is required by your dog.

6. Boots for your little companion

This is another great way to protect your dog’s paws from the cold grounds and chemicals used for de-icing surfaces. Besides protecting your dog’s paws, the boots will also keep them warm and dry regardless of the weather. The most challenging part will be to convince your dog to walk in them.

This is why it would be recommended to allow the dog to get used to them while still inside. Thus, you won’t have the unpleasant surprise to see your dog frozen in front of the entrance door.

7. A cozy transportation bag

In case you will have to take your dog with you in bad weather, a safe and cozy transportation bag is much better than the traditional crate. Teacup puppies and small dogs will fit it in very well and you’ll even have room for a small blanket inside, for extra warmth.

The Takeaway

Offering your small dog the protection it needs during winter doesn’t mean that you are spoiling it. You are making sure that it stays safe and healthy, no matter how bad conditions outside get. Small dog breeds are the ideal companions, especially if you live in an apartment, but they usually can’t take winter weather and temperatures with ease.

This is where you come in and make sure everything is okay. With the winter dog products presented in the previous list, winter will not pose any kind of issues for either of you.

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