Choosing the Best Dog Sports Gear for Cold Weather Adventures

Humans and dogs have been venturing outside together for ages. Though dogs have excellent cold tolerance, not all dogs are created equal when it comes to their fur coat. Hence, you need to choose the best dog sports gear to keep your dog warm and comfortable in cold weather adventures.

Here are the tips for picking the right sports gear that would help to protect your furry friend in cold-weather adventures.

Winter Coats

When the temperature starts plummeting, a long, fun excursion is cut short due to a shivering pup. A short-haired dog would benefit greatly from a winter coat though your dog may resist wearing it.

A winter coat offers the warmth of synthetic insulation, and the technical stretch fabric ensures your dog has all freedom of motion to enjoy cold-weather adventures. This winter gear for dogs comes with high loft polyester insulation that provides warmth, and the sleeved style winter coat works best for core heat retention.

Snow Dog Boots

Most dogs don’t need snow boots, but your furry friend would be thankful for that extra foot protection in the cold. Many dogs have sensitive paws, and they start lifting their paws frequently when the temperature falls below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The snow dog boots will protect the dog’s paws from ice and cold. The snow boots also protect the dog’s paws from chemicals that are generally sprayed to melt ice. Getting snow boots for your dog will help your furry friend move fast in snow, and you don’t have to stop frequently to remove clumps of wet snow sticking to your dog’s paws.

Hands-Free Trekking Belt

The hands-free trekking belt is a vital dog sport gear for people who want to be active with their dog during cold-weather adventures and also have their hands free at the same time. The trekking belt is quite useful if your dog pulls on the leash.

Many dog owners are stressed while walking their dogs due to their furry friend pulling hard on the leash. The trekking belt distributes the dog’s pull force over a larger area and takes the stress off your back. It also provides extra pulling help during a ski or hike trip.

Canicross and Skijoring Belt

The Canicross belt is useful for walking and running with your dog on the snow. However, it can also be used for Skijoring. The Canicross belt comes with four adjustment points for a perfect fit. It comes with reflective bands that improve visibility in all environment conditions.

The Skijoring belt has lightweight, breathable, non-allergenic materials that ensure complete comfort to your four-legged friend during all competitions.

There is no joy like watching your furry friend bounding through fresh snow beside you. However, winter brings its own set of challenges for your dog, and not taking proper precautions can lead to spending the end of the day at a veterinary clinic.

The dog sports gear recommended in the post helps your dog overcome challenges thrown by the cold weather and ensures your furry friend has excellent howling time in cold-weather adventures.

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