What are the Different Types of Poodles?

As many pet owners can tell you, having a four-legged friend around is a great mood booster. Not only are dogs adorable, but they make for very loyal companions. In particular, a poodle is considered to be one of the best dogs that you could get for your home.  

Different Types of Poodles

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Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the US because they’re adorable, intelligent, and affectionate. They are extremely friendly and are great around kids. They’re also easy to train, so you wouldn’t have to worry too much about excess misbehavior. And if you have dog allergies, don’t worry—poodles are hypoallergenic and do minimal shedding.

On top of these great qualities, there are a ton of different kinds of poodles to choose from depending on your preferences and the space you have available:

Moyen Poodle

The Moyen poodle, also called Klein poodles, are medium-sized poodles between miniature and standard poodles. They can grow up to 14–18 inches tall. Their colors are usually either black, brown, white, fawn, and silver. This type of poodle is active, intelligent, elegant, and has a square-build. Their eyes are oval rather than a usual round shape. 

The Moyen Poodle is one of the smartest and most obedient dogs. You can easily train them to be able to provide you a more peaceful living. They are also very loyal companions, so you can be guaranteed that they’ll right be by your side.

While they are great companion dogs, they’re also great service and therapy dogs for schools, hospitals, and assisted living homes. 

Standard Poodle

If you want the largest breed of poodles, the standard poodle is ideal for you. A standard poodle can reach up to 18–24 inches of height and can weigh 50–70 pounds. Even though they’re a large breed, they’re great with children, other dogs, cats, and families, too, making them ideal family dogs. Similar to most kinds of poodles, a standard poodle is also intelligent. You can easily train them to be obedient and they can learn new tricks quickly.  

If you’re worried about their shedding because of their size, don’t worry. They’re still hypoallergenic dogs and shedding is rare for this breed. While they don’t shed easily, they do require lots of grooming since their fur can become long and easily tangled.  

Miniature Poodle

If you’re looking into a small dog, a miniature poodle would be a great option for you. The miniature poodle can get 10–15 inches tall and weigh about 10–15 pounds. While they can be a great family dog, be ready for frequent barking. However, they’re easy to train so you can try to control their loud barks during the night with appropriate training. 

Just like with all types of poodles, they’re also hypoallergenic and have minimal odor. Along with this, this is one of the most friendly dog breeds for children, so you’ll be at peace if you have children.  

Toy Poodle

If you just want your poodle to be even smaller than the miniature poodle, wait until you see a toy poodle. A toy poodle will not be more than 10 inches tall and only weighs about 4–6 pounds.  

The toy poodle is excellent around children, seniors, other dogs, cats, and families. They are completely friendly and outgoing and would surely put a smile on your face as you play with them.  

They’re also great brees if you don’t want a dog who barks all the time. Toy poodles are calm, so they’re ideal for seniors who cannot level with an extremely energetic dog. This type of poodle is also ideal if you’re a first-time dog owner, as they’re easy to care for.

Teacup Poodle

If you want the smallest poodle of them all, the teacup poodle is right for you. As with their name, teacup poodles are extremely small, and who doesn’t love a tiny animal? 

A teacup poodle can get up to 6–8 inches tall and weigh only 3–5 pounds. They are playful, loving, and energetic. While they’re cute, you have to be careful with them as they’re fragile due to their size. They only require gentle love and company.  


In total, five different types of poodles are all defined by their size. Their coats and appearances don’t seem to make a huge difference, but their personality may change depending on their size. When having a poodle or any other dog, make sure that you provide them with the same love and care as to how you treat humans. They’ll return the love you give them ten thousand folds, and you’ll indeed be having a much more enjoyable life.  

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