How to Take Care of a Yorkie Puppy

Yorkie puppies are small little furballs. They have cute and little irresistible eyes that you cannot ignore. If you want to have a Yorkie puppy as pet then you must take care of them. But taking care of Yorkie puppies takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes pet owners fail to understand this and end up giving their Yorkie puppies back to the rescue shelter.

If you care about your Yorkie puppies and want to see them grow then this article is for you because, in this article, I’ll talk about how to care for Yorkie puppies. 

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How to Care for Yorkie Puppies

How to Care for Yorkie Puppies

Take Your Yorkie Puppy to the Vet

It’s the first thing you’ll have to do when you get a Yorkie puppy as a pet. Take your Yorkie puppy to your nearby vet and do all the checkups.

If you want your puppy to live long and see them grow, you’ll have to be cautious about the health of your Yorkie puppy. The first few weeks are important for Yorkie puppies. At this young age, they need proper care to grow as a healthy Yorkie dog.  

As I mentioned earlier, taking your Yorkie puppy to the vet is the first thing you’ll have to do as a Yorkie puppy’s owner. The vet will thoroughly checkup your puppy. If the vet finds any health complication in your Yorkie puppy, he or she will give you proper guidance and medicines to take care of it.

Also, as a pet owner, you’ll have to take your Yorkie puppy to the vet multiple times for vaccination. That’s why it’s better to choose a discount plan that will help you to save money on every visit.

Feeding Your Yorkie Puppies

Good quality foods and a healthy diet are important for your Yorkie puppy to grow. That’s why you’ll have to choose a balanced diet that has a balanced fat and protein ratio.

If you have adopted your Yorkie puppy, you’ll have to ask the previous owner about your puppy’s previous diet. If you want don’t want to continue the same diet, you’ll have to be very cautious about the food transition.

For example, if you’re trying to use a new dog food brand, you’ll have to mix the previous dog food brand with the new one. You’ll have to continue this process until your Yorkie puppy phased out the old food brand. 

If you follow this process, your Yorkie puppy won’t have any digestive problems, and they will be healthy. Besides, many Yorkie puppies take time while adjusting to a new food brand. Sometimes they don’t eat, and as a result, their health deteriorates. But if you follow this process, you’ll have no such issues. 

You should feed your Yorkie puppy at least three to four times a day and set a fixed routine. You should hand feed your Yorkie puppy at the beginning. This will help you to create a bonding with your Yorkie puppy. Besides, having a fixed mealtime will prevent food aggression.

Limit Your Treats

Dog obesity is an epidemic in the US, and that’s why you’ll have to be careful about giving treats to your Yorkie puppy. If you’re aware of this, your Yorkie puppy will live a long and healthy life.

Bad habits often start from the early stage of life. If you make your Yorkie puppy get used to treats, they will become obese and have health issues.

Collapsed trachea and hypoglycemia are common dog health problems, and these happen due to obesity.

That’s why you’ll have to be careful about giving treats to your Yorkie puppy. Generally, a Yorkie puppy requires 170 to 200 calories a day. This number gets lower for an adult Yorkie dog. If you feed your Yorkie puppy more than this, they will become fat and have health issues.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you to stop giving treats to your Yorkie puppy. I also acknowledge that healthy treats are important for a Yorkie puppy.

You can divide big treats into small parts and feed your Yorkie puppy by sessions. You can also give dried potatoes or other low calory food as a treat to your Yorkie puppy. This way, your Yorkie puppy won’t get fat.

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