Why Is My Dog Shaking?

As a dog lover, it is natural for you to worry when you see your pet shaking even in warm weather. Although cold weather is among the reasons why your dog is shaking, there are other factors that can trigger it as well. Let us learn more about why your dog is shaking.

Why Is My Dog Shaking


Toxins can sometimes cause trembling on your dog. It can be a neurological symptom. Some toxins include snail bait, chocolate, and antifreeze.

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Kidney disease

Having a renal failure or kidney disease is another factor why dog shakes. In this case, you can observe if your pet is drinking water and urinates frequently. If they are not, you should consult a professional vet to help improve the condition of your dog. Usually, it can be cured with medication such as furosemide.


Shaking can be linked with pain. It can be caused by a chronic pain condition or extreme trauma. Therefore, you should check if your pet is suffering from any illnesses.

Fear, Excitement or Anxiety

Some dogs tremble as a result of their emotions. If they feel anxiety, excitement, or fear, there is a tendency for them to shiver. Some factors that can cause fear, excitement, or anxiety to dogs include fireworks, thunderstorms, traveling, and other environmental factors.

Medical condition

Dogs are shaking because of medical conditions. Kidney disease, neurological disorder, hormonal imbalance, muscle diseases, and other medical issues can contribute to the trembling of dogs. So, you should always consult the advice of a professional veterinarian to check the health of your dog.


Temperature control or thermoregulation can trigger shaking among dogs. It is one of the common behaviors. Dogs pant to cool themselves down and regulate their body temperature.

Muscle weakness

Muscle weakness or atrophy, especially on the hind legs, can also be a reason for shaking. It may indicate age-related muscle weakness for older dogs.


Another obvious reason why your dog is shaking is that he feels cold, especially if it’s chilly outside.


Dogs will also feel stress, like humans do. If they are stressed, they will shiver. If your pet is exposed to loud sounds, he can be easily frightened. One way to solve this is to put cotton balls on their ears. It has a calming and relaxing effect on them. You can also seek advice from your vet about treatments and other natural medications that can help to relieve their stress.


Viruses and other neurological conditions can also cause your beloved pet to tremble uncontrollably. Their shaking may be extended for a longer period. It is important that you take responsibility for their hygiene in order to keep them healthy and happy.


Do you see that your pet has awkward movements? If you observe that they are bloated or suffering any physical discomfort, it probably means that they have fractures. In this case, their fractures may cause them to shake. The best thing to do is to take them on a professional vet.


Toxic things can cause shivering among dogs. You should keep them away from nicotine, chocolate, and xylitol as much as possible. Should your pet be exposed to such toxic, bring him to the nearest veterinarian immediately.

Learned behavior

Sometimes, you don’t have to worry much as dog shakes because it is one of their learned behaviors.


Dogs are like humans too. They can be nauseous from medication, motion sickness, too much eating, and eating wrong things. If dogs vomit, they will most like tremble. The symptoms of nausea also include lip-smacking, listlessness, salivating, swallowing, vomiting, hiding, and yawning.


Distemper is also among the factors why your dog is shaking. This usually happens in young and adolescent dogs that are not completely vaccinated. It is one of the common reasons for dog tremors. The symptoms of distemper are nose and eye discharge, coughing, fever, and more. It is essential that you take care of your dog and improve their immune system. There are various treatments like physical therapy, antibiotics, airway dilators, as well as fluids to combat dehydration.

Preventing Your Dogs from Shaking

Now that you have learned the reasons why your dogs are shaking; you should know some of the preventive measures too.

If you want to reduce the shaking of your dog, make sure to offer them preventative care. It is advisable to give them proper exercise and have a nutritional diet to boost their immune system. Never feed them with toxic snacks to prevent them from tremors. Always read the nutritional values on the snack package and look up on reviews online.

You should also reduce their stress by giving them enough love, care, and attention. As shaking among dogs can be mainly caused by stress. You must also check whether they are in pain or suffering from any discomfort. With the help of a professional veterinarian, you can prevent them from shaking so frequently.

Treat your dog with extra care. Make sure to always give them their basic needs to help them enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle. Your veterinarian can also advise you on how to give your dog a massage, adequate rest and food. You must be careful about the food you give to your pet because poisoning and toxins may cause prolong trembling. Always seek an advice when in doubt. Read it up online or ask your veterinarian.

Lethargy and weakness can also cause shaking to your dogs. Keep them healthy and active by providing them regular play time and exercise to improve their energy levels. It also helps them to relieve stress and build muscles. In addition, you can also take this time to build a good rapport with your beloved pet. Meanwhile, if you’re not sure about the possible cause of your dog’s tremor, you must immediately consult your vet for possible treatments. Or at least read it up online to check if it is something that requires immediate care by a professional. You can check for more information about dog’s health here. This is to ensure that your dog’s health is not being compromised or neglected.

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