Top 7 Benefits of Healthy Dog Food

How much do you care for your canine’s diet? Do you make sure it consumes healthy ingredients? If feeding your dog processed foods, it is high time you made some changes to its diet. 

Even though many brands claim their dog foods to be organic and packed with nutrients, their nutritional value is close to none. Therefore, you should start feeding your companion customized food compliant to its age, breed, and health condition. 

Benefits Of Healthy Dog Food

High-quality ingredients boost satiety, increase energy levels, improve muscle tone, eliminate additives, make dogs’ coats shiner, and prolong their lifespans. 

Learn more about the top seven benefits of healthy dog food.

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An increase in satiety

A vital benefit of healthy dog food is the increase in satiety canines experience after consuming a nutritious meal. By feeding your companion with junky foods, it is no wonder he/she becomes hungry only after a short period. When consuming innutritious meals, the ingredients are broken down incredibly quickly, which results in macronutrients used as body fuel. 

Nevertheless, due to the low quality of the ingredients, the fuel produced by them is burned rapidly, leading to a sugar crash. Hence, it is no surprise your canine feels hungry most of the time. By feeding your dog high-quality meals high in protein and fiber, his/her level of satiety will increase significantly. It is of tremendous importance for pet owners to customize the food to the biological needs of their canines for the ingredients to be broken down slowly.

No additives

Another remarkable benefit of healthy dog food is the absence of additives. Nutritious meals are supposed to contain no preservatives and additives, such as artificial coloring, carrageenan, xanthan gum, etc. Therefore, many dog owners find custom food the perfect choice for the well-being of their companions. 

Custom recipes are considered valuable owing to the attentive selection process of every ingredient, handpicked for their high nutritional content. The best brands of custom made dog food use premium ingredients, herbs, non-GMO vegetables, and fruits. The ultimate goal is for the nutritional requirements of your canine to be met based on its age, lifestyle, breed, and chronic conditions. 

After considering all these factors, the right amount of each ingredient is determined. The main nutrients that comprise custom dog food include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Proteins are necessary for the smooth performance of bodily functions as long as they’re sourced from meats from farm-raised animals. 

Regarding carbohydrates, the best sources of carbs for canines are unquestionably whole grains, not refined grains. The former is not likely to increase blood glucose levels. Additionally, nutritional plans are expected to provide the necessary amount of healthy fats, which are crucial for absorbing, storing, and transporting fat-soluble vitamins. 

A boost in energy levels

Another reason for your canine to eat healthily is the boost in energy levels provided by nutritional foods. As mentioned before, certain foods break down more rapidly than others, which affects the release of energy. For instance, processed foods break down quickly and offer fast energy release when compared to healthy ingredients, which break down more slowly and offer prolonged energy release. 

Canines demonstrating low levels of energy usually feel unenergetic when fed with processed meals. Due to the fast release of energy, dogs lose their vigor soon after they have had a meal. In contrast, high-quality ingredients provide long-term energy sources, as they need a longer time to break down. 

Better muscle tone

Canines are similar to humans in view of their protein requirements, which are indispensable for maintaining healthy organs, tissues, and cells. The organs, cells, and tissues of dogs go through everyday damage by performing their daily functions. Nevertheless, protein can repair the damage by being the only amino acid source. 

Unless your companion is provided with high-quality proteins, it will not have access to the essential amino acids. Consequently, only minimal repair will be performed, leading to poor muscle tone and muscle atrophy. Hence, pet owners should look for the healthiest sources of proteins to ensure proper daily maintenance of the organs, cells, and tissues. Follow this link to learn how to spot signs of muscle atrophy in dogs. 

Weight control

Obesity is a common concern in canines, which is why owners should pay close attention to weight control. Diets high in carbohydrates and fats usually result in weight gain because of the low-quality ingredients used in commercial foods. 

Whole nutrition is the only way for dog owners to manage the weight of their canines. Healthy meals contain high protein content, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Nutritive ingredients make sure dogs are satiated without gaining weight. Conversely, this is not possible with junk ingredients, which make weight hard to control. 

Shiny skin and coat

Canines often suffer from skin problems, resulting in rashes, scaly and itchy skin. It’s common for these creatures to have dry coats because of the large amounts of additives and fillers in processed foods. How these ingredients are processed deprives canines of the healthy fats they need for their skin and coat to be moisturized. 

Nevertheless, a diet copious in nutrients provides the essential amount of healthy fatty acids, such as omega 3, 6, and 9. These fatty acids make the skin and coat of dogs incredibly soft instead of dull and itchy. Only after a few days of making changes in the diet, your canine will experience less itchiness and shedding. 

Longer lifespan

Another reason to consider making healthy changes to your canine’s diet is the opportunity to increase its lifespan. Dogs consuming high-quality ingredients are believed to live two and a half years longer than those eating processed foods. 

The use of preservatives, dyes, starches, and synthetic nutrients is harmful to the health of canines of all ages. If you have recently adopted a puppy, make sure to feed it healthily from the moment you have welcomed it into your life. 

Final thoughts

The only path to your dog’s better health is through a healthy diet. 

Your fur baby deserves the best!

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