How to Make Your Pitbull Muscular

Pitbulls are naturally strong, athletic, and vicious. If you dream of being a proud owner of a rock-solid, agile, and tough Pitbull, you got to know exactly how you can make it happen. 

The smartest way to increase your Pitbull’s muscle strength is to condition their own in-built strength while providing them with proper nutrition. 

However, the conditioning process is quite tricky and challenging to do properly. This article thus intends to enlighten you with all the Dos and Don’ts of conditioning your Pitbull for increasing strength.

Here are some tips to help you get a muscular Pitbull.

What You Should Not Do

When it comes to training your Pitbulls for increasing their muscle strength, it’s more important to learn what you SHOULD NOT do than learning what you should do. So let’s get started.

  • Do not condition puppies under 18 months.

Would you ever ask a toddler to lift a 50-pound barbell to make them stronger? That absolutely makes no sense, right? Yeah, and the same goes for puppies. Puppies under 18 months are still on their growing age. 

So, do not even try to put a little amount of weight as much as 2-10 pounds on them. It can severely harm your baby bulls. The best you can do through this stage is to plan a good diet packed with protein enriched foods for the puppies to make them stronger from inside naturally and prepare for the next stage. 

You have to wait till your dog’s joints and muscles are develop before putting any strain on them. If you tend to do this too early, you might end up doing unrecoverable harm to them in the long run. So, have patience and wait till they grow up, and meanwhile, you just wait and enjoy watching your little bulls growing big.

  • Do not put on heavy chains around their neck

A lot of dog owners put on collars around their dog’s neck. And that is okay if you want your dog to have a cooler look. But the collar band should be lightweight. Avoid putting on any kind of heavy chains, logging chains, or heavy collar around your dog’s neck. 

It can cause heavy damages to your dog’s neck. At the worst, it can cripple your dogs for the rest of their lives. You don’t want to do that in an attempt to make them stronger. 

  • Do not use too many heavyweights. 

If you really are on the verge of making your bulls stronger, then one thing you should know well that a lot of heavyweights don’t help to increase your dog’s strength. Yeah, you heard that right. Weight training basically aims at muscle shaping, not strength building. 

So, if you are planning on investing in weight vests, weighted collar, and weighted harness for your bull babies, then you should rethink about it. It is best if you wait till your puppies grow up, and even after that, watch out for the right weights for your dogs before you buy.

Proper Conditioning of your Pitbulls

Now that we reviewed the most important lesson on the Mistakes to avoid while increasing your dog’s muscle strength let’s learn some more about the right way to achieve that.

  • Proper Use of Weights to Condition Your Pitbull

As discussed above, using heavy weights can do more harm than it benefits your dogs. But, once your Pitbulls turn 18 months and above, then you can start with a vest with little weight (as much as 3-5lbs). 

But make sure you don’t put on the weighted vest for a longer period as it will burn off their muscles. Start with waking your dog with the vest for a short distance. Once they get easy with the weight, then you can add one or two additional pounds to it. 

Adding a couple of pounds will not harm your dogs as long as you are making sure that they do not have to carry it for long distances. But do not put on too heavyweight on your dogs as it might be destructive for their body muscles. 

When your bullies get capable of dragging a couple of pounds (not more than 15lbs) without trouble, stop adding more weights. Now you should practice them by increasing the distance instead. This is the safest way to increase your dog’s muscle strength. 

Adding too much weight can be the shortcut to achieve your goal, but it can also cause serious injury to your loyal fellows. So, better go slow and steady with the conditioning process.

  • Focus on IncreasingToned Muscles

Strengthening muscles often refers to build up leaner and toned quality muscles. Lifting up too much heavyweight breaks down the muscles which you might need for shaping your Pitbull’s body. 

Since Pitbulls have a naturally packed up body, developing lean and stronger muscle is enough. Therefore, pulling light weights for a longer distance (gradually increased) will help to build up some lean and strong muscles with a beautiful tone.

But make sure that your dogs aren’t going for a walk empty stomach. It can turn up their muscles and weaken them.

  • Proper Diet for Conditioning your Pitbulls

If your dogs lack stamina, then working them out harder will not show any result. Sometimes dogs seem weaker when they actually lack proper nutrition for their stamina. 

So, make sure that your dogs are getting proper foods on time. Pulling lightweight for a longer distance will help your dog develop leaner and stronger muscle tone. But as we all know the fact that, exercising can contribute only 20% whereas the rest 80% of energy comes from a proper diet. Here is a list of the best dog food for Pitbulls.

Pitbulls are naturally strong, and they tend to have higher stamina than other breeds. But to strengthen their body muscles, they need more stamina to pull through the workout and walking sessions. 

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For the conditioning, you need to choose dog foods or supplements enriched with a higher amount of protein component (40-50%), a moderate amount of fat (20-30%), and low in carbs (20-30%). There are plenty of foods available on the market you can choose from, but try to include some homemade organic foods in their diet as well.

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