10 Reasons why are Goldendoodles so popular

Goldendoodles are the perfect mix of a poodle and golden retriever. They have long, curly hair that requires daily brushing to keep it from matting. Goldendoodles also don’t shed as much as other dog breeds, which makes them ideal for people with allergies or who live in apartments.

With their intelligence level between that of a golden retriever and a poodle, Goldendoodles are easy to train too! To learn more about this popular breed, read on!

Goldendoodles do not shed much: Some dog breeds tend to leave hair everywhere, but these guys don’t! This is perfect for people who want an easy-to-groom pet without the shedding or those with allergies (again).

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1. Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic means low dander, which prevents allergies from being triggered by the dog’s hair/dander, so it keeps people with allergies healthy! So if you’re allergic to dogs, this breed is for you! Besides, these characteristics make it a perfect breed for people who don’t have a lot of time cleaning up after their pets.

2. Goldendoodles are intelligent

They’re just as smart as golden retrievers but more obedient than poodles, making them easy to train! With the intelligence level between that of a retriever and a poodle, Goldendoodles can be taught the basics like how not to chew on furniture or dig in your flower beds with relative ease.

3. How they came about

Goldendoodles are created by crossing Golden Retrievers and Poodle breeds together, which is why they boast many characteristics from each dog’s personality. This mix produces an intelligent dog that has fewer allergies and less drooling than both parent breeds combined. Many people get confused between this breed’s variety so just understand that a Goldendoodle, also called f1 Goldendoodle, is a crossbreed of golden retriever and Poodle. In contrast, an f1b Goldendoodle is a crossbreed of Goldendoodle and a poodle.

4. Appearance

The coat color ranges from light cream to golden cream with black markings on the face and black ears. Their coats are medium length but can be trimmed into shortcuts like poodle haircuts if necessary. They’re known for their signature wavy tail and high set ears- just like a retriever! Many people choose these dogs based on the cuteness factor alone.

5. Training

Goldendoodles must be socialized while young to become an all-around excellent family pet like the golden retriever or Poodle. They’re not quite as hyperactive as a retriever but have just enough energy and curiosity about their surroundings to make them more interesting than your average house pet! As long as you provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation in the form of games or training sessions throughout the day, they’ll be happy. Check the list of most trainable dogs.

You can also train Goldendoodles as service dogs for people with disabilities, like blindness or deafness, or for general purposes like therapy dogs. They also make excellent guide dogs as they are very intelligent and have a high level of energy!

6. Goldendoodles are very Energetic

Goldendoodles are known for their high intelligence, but they also need plenty of exercise throughout the day. They’re great at dog sports like agility training because they can easily be trained using positive reinforcement methods.

7. The smaller size is perfect for apartment living

The smaller size of Goldendoodles makes them great for city dwellers who live in apartments with small yards. Instead of getting stuck out back all day, these dogs enjoy being inside where their long coats can be brushed regularly without tangling too much on furniture or the flooring. This also means they spend less time outside, which reduces exposure to fleas and ticks!

8. Can be trained not to bark

Goldendoodles can be taught not to bark excessively, which makes them perfect for apartments, houses with people living below you or next door, and condos where barking could bother others. This is because Goldendoodles don’t usually demonstrate territorial behavior compared to other breeds that would naturally guard their territory.

9. Available in different sizes

Goldendoodles are available in different sizes, which makes them a great choice for families with children or adults of all ages. Instead of having to buy multiple breeds that may not mix well, you can get a Goldendoodle that matches your family’s size and age requirements.

10. Goldendoodles are very social

The outgoing personality that comes with being half golden retriever and half poodle means they get along with everyone in your family or neighborhood. They’re also great lap dogs as they love nothing more than cuddling on either side. Plus, because these dog breeds are fairly new, not many people know about how much work it is to take care of one – meaning there will be no unwelcome visitors to your home.

Things to consider when adopting a Goldendoodle

A Goldendoodle is one of the best breeds to adopt if you have allergies or an aversion to shedding. But, even if this breed doesn’t match your needs in that respect, they may still be perfect for you thanks to their intelligence level and personality! Before you get one, here are some things to tick off in your pet adopting list:

  • Plan your budget: The price of a Goldendoodle is typically more than that for other dog breeds. But, if you plan your budget accordingly and get plenty of chew toys or food to keep them occupied when they’re not being supervised, then it shouldn’t be too difficult on the pocketbook!
  • Know what type of grooming suits their coat: Goldendoodles have long hair which needs daily brushing. It’s important not to use conditioner as this will leave residue in the fur and make it matted instead! A good rule of thumb is one inch per week – so about six inches every year. And remember, shedding isn’t always bad―it means they’re healthy!
  • See what food suits them: Goldendoodles are picky about the food that they eat. Some are on a specialized diet, while others will eat anything you put in front of them! Check with your vet for more information before buying their favorite brand or changing their habits too drastically, and be sure to always feed them regularly, even if it’s something simple like kibble mixed with water.


They’re a great dog to own, and we know they’ll make your family happy. Goldendoodles are smart, playful, sweet-natured dogs who will quickly become the best friends of all members of your household. So give them a home today!

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