Can You Have a Black Goldendoodle?

When you breed a Poodle with a Golden retriever, you get a Goldendoodles as their offspring. Generally, the Goldendoodles coat is lightly golden. But people wonder if there are any other notable coat colors, especially the color black?

Can You Have a Black Goldendoodle?

The answer is yes. You can have a Black Goldendoodle, which is a bit uncommon to get. The parent breeds are Golden retriever and poodle. Their genes dictate what puppies in a litter will possibly get. The poodle has this recessive gene of the black coact, on average.

Goldendoodle Coat

Goldendoodles have very beautiful and flowy coats. It’s often quite long, and this dog doesn’t shed as much. It’s a win-win scenario. It generally comes in two colors on average, peachy golden and shiny black.

It has three types of fur- curly, straight, and wavy. Each generally depends on which genes they get.

The curvier and wavier fur types cause less shedding but more mats and knots. Straight fur often has less structural integrity and can’t hold moisture as much. So if you want to buy a Goldendoodle, get the curly and wavy coated puppies.

These dogs do lose their coat color over the years. Often the shiny and vibrant colors wash out with age. Many black ones have grey fur when around a year or two of age. The black coats become grey-ish brown, losing their luster.

Chance of Getting a Black Goldendoodle

The percentage chance of getting a black Goldendoodle is quite low. The percentage of successfully getting a black coat is proportional to the poodle genes present.

If the ratio of the Poodle gene exceeds the Golden retriever gene, there is a higher chance of having the black coat.

For example, the first generation of Goldendoodles will have 50% of both parent’s genes. So, the chance that you might get a black Goldendoodle is quite low. But if these dogs were further bred with poodles, for the second generation. The gene ratio of poodles increases even further, giving more chance for a Black Goldendoodle.

Golden, but Black?

If this dog is indeed lusciously black, then why do we still name it Goldendoodle?

The naming schemes of dog breeds that are crossbred or mixed are simple and weird. It is just mashing their names together to form a new fusion of the names. Often there are no official or a single name for this fusion dog, so people pick and choose which version they like.

For example, the Poodle and Golden retriever equals Goldendoodle. The black gold is just a fancier way of talking about the same dog breed, with different hair pigments.

About Black Goldendoodle

Just like its normal colored variant, the Goldendoodle is a happy, jolly, and energetic dog. It’s very docile and is often very friendly with children. They have a very playful personality and often love to run around.

The best part about them is the fact that you don’t need to train them too much. The Goldendoodle is not as stubborn as many other dogs. It is generally well behaved and can maintain good social behavior.

The Goldendoodle comes in four sizes- teacup, toy, mini, and standard. The smallest being teacup size and the largest being standard size.

Grooming the Black Coat

Black Goldendoodles are not hard to groom or have any special needs to keep their coat shiny. Just shampooing them on regular and keeping their fur much shorter will keep the color. The straighter fur will often lose its color faster, and it’s best to always keep them well-groomed.

The curlier and wavier fur need constant brushing with steel pin brushes, which helps to get any knots untied. Mats need to be trimmed with scissors or trimmers.

Availability of a Black Goldendoodle

Black golden doodles are uncommon and are not rare. They can be found with just about any trusted dog breeders who have Goldendoodles. It is less expensive in fact, due to the golden being more popular and sought after.

It’s best to buy the black one to save some cash. Also, the golden coats can be noticeably dirty and often need more washing.

To Conclude

The black Goldendoodle is found pretty much everywhere. And if you want to have a stylish dog and like Goldendoodles, without its golden coat. Then have the black version, which is cheaper.

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