5 Reasons You Should Adopt a Golden Retriever

If you’re considering adding a dog to your family, you may be wondering which breed you should choose. After all, there are hundreds of breeds with varying temperaments, personalities and energy levels. Plus, you want to make sure your fluffy addition will be compatible with all the people and pets in your household. If you haven’t considered a golden retriever, you may want to. These dogs are incredibly mild-mannered and the perfect companion to people and animals of all ages. 

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1. Energy

Golden retrievers are highly energetic dogs that love to run, walk, play fetch and exercise regularly. In fact, the entire reason they were bred was to retrieve shot waterfowl on hunting excursions. So, naturally, they also enjoy a good swim every now and again. Therefore, it’s important for them to have a place to get an adequate amount of exercise, whether that be your backyard or the dog park. Failing to exercise them may otherwise result in behavioral issues. 

Goldens’ high energy levels are contagious and will certainly help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true during the first few years of your dog’s life as they’re most energetic then. So, if you need an energetic boost to your life or simply something to smile about, a golden retriever might be the perfect dog for you. 

2. Intelligence

Additionally, retrievers are incredibly smart, more so than most other dogs. Considering they were bread for retrieving waterfowl, these dogs had to work independently and at a distance from their owners. At the same time, they had to remain aware of where their owner was and still be able to obey commands. To this day these golden retrievers are still very capable of completing complex tasks and obeying commands from a distance.  

Since they already have instinctive intelligence, goldens are generally easy to train. Plus, they live to please their owners, so treat, praise and rewards are a must when throughout training. You can train them to do tricks but their natural strengths include tracking, guiding, assisting and searching and rescuing.

3. Sociability

When you go to adopt a dog, one of the first things you consider is how well they’ll fit into your family. Will they get along with everyone? Will they be aggressive towards your kids? Fortunately, goldens are extremely mild-mannered and have been born with a pleasant temperament. They absolutely adore people and will get along with every member of your family. Further encourage sociability while their puppies by using the rule of seven and exposing them to different environments, experiences and people.

Goldens will also get along just fine with any pets you already have. Their docile behavior makes them a perfect companion for other dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits and even horses and pigs. Honestly, the only thing you may have to worry about is your puppy being a little too friendly. Introduce them slowly as they grow to ensure your other pets have time to adjust to your new playful, loving ball of fluff. 

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4. Adaptability

Regardless of where you live, a golden retriever can adapt. Whether it be the city, the suburbs or the country, this breed will thrive wherever you are. Plus, they will succeed in homes with babies, elderly people and everyone in between. However, their puppy stage may be a bit much for older people to handle and adapt to since these dogs are obviously more active and energetic during their young lives. 

While goldens are adaptable, it is worth noting they still need room to play and release any pent-up energy after being inside. Therefore, owning a golden retriever in a metropolitan area with little green space may be difficult unless you’re willing to simply walk and run with them for about an hour every day. Additionally, once they reach adulthood, their larger size may make it difficult to live comfortably in a very small house or apartment. 

5. Companionship

Goldens are faithful companions and will usually be there by your side, whether you’re in the kitchen or the bathroom. So, be prepared to do a lot of petting because goldens do tend to be a bit needy for affection. That being said, they’re more than willing to cuddle up on the couch after a long day. However, they’re also the perfect travel companion because they love to be outside exploring. 

Thus, regardless of your lifestyle and personal interests, a golden retriever will be right there to experience everything with you. They also live for 10 to 12 years, giving you many years to make memories together, snuggle and go on plenty of adventures. 

Just Adopt One, Already!

With so many advantages to adopting a golden, why should you wait any longer to adopt one? They’re man’s best friend and one of the most popular dogs in the U.S. So, if you’re seriously considering adopting a golden retriever, there’s no better time to do so than now. Head to your local shelter today to pick out your new best friend.

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