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When stool material passes too quickly through the colon the result is dog diarrhea . There are a number of reasons that dogs may have diarrhea and bacterial infections are a common cause, particularly in puppies. Puppies tend to eat any- and everything they can get their mouths around and often these items lead to a bacterial infection.

Dogs that are allowed to eat indiscriminately from “garbage” are likely to eat food that is rotten and end up with a bacterial infection of the intestines, known as enteritis. Salmonella is the most common and is found in bad food, raw chicken, and animal feces, notably barnyard animals. Bacterial diarrhea in dogs may be accompanied by vomiting, fever, abdominal pains, and dark, bloody stools.


This diarrheal disease is caused by members of the Salmonella bacteria. There are nearly two thousand different member types, and they are wide spread throughout the environment. Infection is usually acquired by swallowing food or water contaminated by Salmonella-laden feces. The most common clinical signs of affected dogs include a lack of appetite, lethargy, fever, weight loss, vomiting, abdominal pain, and a watery to bloody diarrhea.

Diagnosis is made based on the animal history, clinical signs and identification of the bacterium through cultures and sensitivity. Treatment is usually directed at treating the dehydration and loss of electrolytes through intravenous fluid therapy and oral fluids containing electrolytes. Antibiotics should administered only if it is apparent that the Salmonella organisms have spread beyond the intestinal tract and are producing severe, life-threatening systemic illness.

Caregivers of dogs with Salmonellosis should be aware that it is a zoonotic disease. Meaning that humans can get the disease from accidentally ingesting the organism present in the diarrhea from dogs and other body fluids. Thus, you must observe strict hygienic measures when caring for a sick animal. This includes frequent hand washing when in contact with the ill dog, his toys, food and water containers, and bedding. Disinfectants such as chlorine bleach (diluted 1:32 in water) can be used to clean surfaces where the dog may eat or sleep.


This is a diarrheal disease caused by members of the genus Campylobacter. They are widespread in the environment and in animal and human populations. Some members of this genus are part of the normal flora of the intestinal tract in many species, while others can cause disease conditions in humans and dogs. The most common problem bacteria in dogs is Campylobacter jejuni which can lead to no symptoms in adult dogs, but will make young dogs ill. Fecal contamination of food and water is the usual way it is spread and a young dog may have fever, some appetite loss, and watery stools covered in mucus.

Diagnosis is made by an evaluation of the history, clinical signs, and bacterial culture of the feces or a swab of the rectum. Most mild cases of the illness will clear up without any treatment, although if enough fluid is lost by diarrhea in dogs, fluid replacement therapy may be needed. This is also a zoonotic disease and caregivers should observe strict hygienic measures when caring for an ill animal.

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