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Interesting Ways To Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

The bells are ringing and your dog’s birthday is fast approaching. Well, just like humans, your hound deserves a memorable occasion. This is the time to mark another milestone, to celebrate the past year and to usher in a new chapter of your life together. There’s no better way to show your pooch how much you love them than marking the day in style.

dog's birthday
Dog birthday

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There are so many fun ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday;

Have a Special Cake for the Dog

Buy some dog cake mix and bake a cake for your dog. It is time for the dog to enjoy this special meal as he marks his birthday. You may invite the dog’s friends and neighbors to enjoy the cake too. Make enough cake for the number of ‘guests’ on your attendance list. Your dog and his friends will definitely enjoy the cake.

Take a Walk To a New Place

There could be that place that you have always wanted to explore. That walk that you have always wanted to make but you have never had time. You can easily take this walk to that place with your hound. No doubt the dog will be excited about discovering a new place as opposed to walking along the paths he is used to. You can take a nature walk in a forest, or along a beach that you have not been to before. This would be a less costly way of marking your dog’s birthday, especially if you are operating on a tight budget.

Make it a Play Day

Plan to have your pup play with friends. Organize a play and eat the only day and let your dog enjoy the day as it is. At the close of it, the dog will have a happy, fulfilling birthday. You may invite the playmates at home or book a place, like a dog park, that can host the dogs for a play day. There are several doggie games that you can get them to participate in including;

–    Hide and seek

–    Frisbee

–    Tug of war among, others

Take Your dog for Swimming

Well, if your dog enjoys swimming like many do, take a day off to the beach or to a private dog pool and let him enjoy. Remember to keep checking, just to ensure that he is safely enjoying swimming. Further, take safety precautions such as ensuring you carry a life saver jacket to prevent cases of drowning.

Give your Dog a Special Treat

On this special day, take some time to spend a special moment with your dog. Take him to a doggy spa where he can get a warm bath, have his hair trimmed and get a well-deserved massage. This will not only make him feel happily relaxed but also create a stronger bond between the two of you. Make him feel pampered and loved. You may also make him feel special by making the dog a special meal or a sweet cuddle. Simply do something that makes him feel special.

Buy Your Dog a Present

It would be a great day to get your dog that present you have always wished to get him. Buy him a new toy for example. To make this feel special, you may wrap the gift and let him unwrap it. The process of unwrapping the gift is exciting as he plays around with the wrappers, unaware of what to expect. This will make the moment and the day, indeed memorable.

Take a Memorable Visit

You both have a place you have been to, that brings around great and happy memories. An example of such a place is the place you first met. You will rekindle the sweet memories of the days you have spent, right from your first date. This will be an exciting way to not only bring good memories but create a feeling of recommitment and rejuvenate your love for each other. Enjoy the sweet memories.

Have a Photo Session

Create memorable moments by taking photographs with your hound on his birthday. Smile as you enjoy this day, and thank goodness for the year that was as you express optimism for a great year ahead. You may just take a selfie using your phone or a camera, invite a friend or family member to take the pictures, or better still, hire a professional photographer. You may frame the pictures and use them as wall decors, for memories sake.


Here are some tips for making your dog’s birthday a success;

  • Plan early to avoid last minute rush
  • Have a budget that you are comfortable with
  • Research for the best places
  • Alert people, you may want to involve in good time

To thank the guests for making time for your dog’s big day, you may choose to give each of them a goodie bag filled with healthy treats.

Happy Birthday, Doggie!

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