5 Ways to Make Traveling With Your Dog Easier

Traveling is a great way to see the world, give your life meaning, try new food and have memorable experiences. There are a lot of ways to travel and you can try a variety to see what way is best for you. You may enjoy planning everything out before you go, hop on a plan to a destination with no concrete or a nice mixture of structure and free time. Whatever you decide it is important to know that travelling with your dog may be a little different than when you travel without them. You may have a lot questions when it comes to traveling with your furry friend and we are here to answer some common concerns about traveling with a dog.

Be Prepared

This may seem like common knowledge but it is something that so many people look over before they leave on a trip. Your dog has just as many (if not more) needs as you do. They need to be feed, watered, played with, and given enough love and attention. Before you leave on your trip start thinking about what your dog needs to live and function. Is there certain medication they need to have on a daily basis. When you go on a walk what do you take? You can keep a running list so you know what your dog needs and what you need to pack so your dog can be healthy and happy during your adventures.

Visit a Vet

Take the time to visit your pet’s vet before you leave. If you are going out of country there may be certain shots and medicine that your dog needs to take to stay healthy and prevent them from getting foreign diseases. Your vet can also give you tips and tricks on best practices when you travel with your dog. They can give you information and references on who to go to if your dog does get hurt or something unexpected happens. It is also good to visit your vet to see if your dog is healthy enough to travel and what they will be able to handle. This way you can change your travel plans and schedule if you need to so both you and your dog can have an awesome trip.


Whether you are traveling out of state or out of the country you will want to keep hygiene a top priority. Keeping your dog clean is essential especially if you are traveling in a tight space with other people. This shows that you are considerate to others as you travel. There are a lot of different apps and mobile dog groomer services across the world that allow your dog to become nice and clean even when you are on the move. This is a great way to keep your dog clean without having to pack a bunch of cleaning products. This allows you to pack lighter and travel easier with your pet.

Check Before You Leave

Where are you staying? Do they allow dogs? You will want to check with the airline services, campgrounds and hotels if your dog is allowed on the premises. If they are allowed, you will also want to know if there are any special accommodations that need to be made and what you need to do to prepare for them. A lot of tourist sites like museums and other monuments may not allow your dog to come inside or visit the surrounding area. Take the time to plan out a trip that is dog-friendly.

Have Fun

Traveling is such a great adventure and traveling with your beloved pet makes it even more special. With the right amount of preparation and planning, traveling plans with your dog should run more smoothly than going into it completely unplanned. The more you travel with your dog, the easier it will be because you will know exactly what your dog likes and needs. Remember to enjoy the moment as you get to travel the world with your favorite furry friend.

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