how to stop your dog from chasing birds

Do you have to deal with your dog chasing birds every time you let him outside? Do you need to worry about keeping a tight grip on the leash when you go to the park?

There are many health benefits associated with owning a dog, but that’s hard to remember when you’re forced to stop him from attacking birds for the third time in a single day.

how to stop your dog chasing birds
How to stop your dog chasing birds

The good news is that there are a few easy tips you can implement to stop this from happening ever again. Keep reading to learn more!

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Dog Collar Bell

Have you ever wondered why cat collars have little bells on them? It’s not because the jingle is adorable. It’s a way to warn off birds before the cats can catch them.

This is an easy solution for dog owners as well. Attaching a little bell to the collar gives birds plenty of time to fly away before the dog gets close. 

Positive Reinforcement Training

The next thing to turn towards is positive reinforcement dog training. Instead of scolding your dog whenever he misbehaves, it’s better to give him something more enticing to focus on during your walks.

Start by putting a lot of distance between your leashed dog and his main distraction. Begin training him to come back to you when called, rewarding him with either a treat or toy.

As your dog continues to train, start moving closer to the birds. Soon, your dog will pay more attention to you than the birds and won’t resist when you call him back.

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Drop Command

In case your dog succeeds in capturing a bird or other small animal, you need to teach him the ‘leave it’ command. You need to train your pup so that you’re confident he’ll drop anything in his mouth as soon as you say the words.

If you’re not confident in your dog’s obedience to this command, it’s better to keep him on a leash until you have time to train a bit more.

Frequent Exercise

One of the best deterrents to stop a dog from chasing animals is to give him other means of exercise. Frequent walks and playtime will keep him too tired to care about chasing a bird.

Regular exercise keeps dogs more obedient because they have other ways to get rid of all that excess energy.

Another good tip is to feed your dog before going on a walk. This prevents your pup from feeling that instinctual need to chase any birds!

Your Dog Chasing Birds Is No Longer a Concern

By following this advice, you’ll never need to worry about your dog chasing birds again. This makes your adventures together far more enjoyable for both of you.

You and your pup get to experience the outdoors together without causing any harm to innocent birds. It’s a less stressful way to get some exercise!

Looking for even more ways to give your dog the best life possible? Check out the rest of our blog for everything you’ll need!

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