7 Ways to Make your Dog Much Happier

Dogs are the greatest companions a human could ask for and really don’t have to try that hard. This not only fills the heart with warmth, but it also raises some very important questions, like “what can we do to make our dog’s life better?”

how to make my dog happy

Of course, we take care of them, give them food, groom, provide toys, and such. But what can we do to make our dogs happier in our company? If you have been wondering about this very question, good news. Here is a shortlist of things you can do to make your dog’s life that much better. 

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1. Regular Exercise

There is nothing a dog loves as much as getting some good exercise. This is probably the major reason they leap for joy when they think you will take them for a walk. Allowing your dog to come along for a run, a hike, and even just a walk around the block will greatly improve their daily life. It would even be best to find a spot where you can take them off the leash and allow them to run and release energy. This will improve the practice for you and them. 

2. Fight boredom

As important as physical exercise, mental exercise will do much for the behavior of your canine friend. This can include going to new places, seeing new things, and engaging with new people and other dogs. Just look over our enrichment program to consider all the ideas we have waiting. 

3. Give them a hand

Believe it or not, your dogs will benefit from hand signals far better than they will from verbal clues. When you are training, speak their language, which includes many hand signals as well as verbal prompts. Your dog will feel much closer to you if you learn to speak their language. 

4. Rub them the right way

Dogs love a good massage. Not only does this help them to relax, but it also promotes deeper bonding. Also, regularly stroking and petting your dog can make you aware of any skin conditions, lumps, or tumors are hidden underneath all that hair. 

5. Stop and smell the world

For a dog, it is important to stop and smell the roses, the fire hydrants, the trees, and just about anything else. They understand their world through their sense of smell. You can even engage them through some quality scent work. Check out our ideas for dog “Nose Work.” 

6. Free them from fashion

How do you feel when the day is over, and you have removed your belt? Your dog feels the same release of tension when their collar has been removed. Furthermore, the jangling of dog tags can be mild to severely irritate for them. Tape them together to avoid the clanking around when they are moving about. 

7. Feed them well

The debate continues as to what the best diet for your dog is. Visit Discount Pet Supplies to save on food. Most people think it is a variety. Healthy fresh food is great for your dog. But, you will want to consider discussing your plans for a doggy diet with your veterinarian before serving up your next course.

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