The Most Important Puppy Training Commands

Having a pet can make one feel very happy and overwhelming, as they’re the most adorable family member. Playing with them, petting them, feeding, and taking care of them. Tough doing such stuff seems very easy and a piece of cake but if you can not communicate Properly with your pet then it might result in a lot of trouble. 

Puppy Training

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Establishing a good communication relationship with your pet needs you to train your pet to listen to your simple basic commands.

This, on the contrary, seems to be some very complicated and tough job, this is actually a quite easy task for anyone to accomplish, but saying so the recipe behind training your pet successfully is very simple.

In which you need to have plenty of patience and a handful of repetition energy and knowledge of correct training methods, and now you have the perfect recipe ready for you to train your dog.

What is the Pre-prep training?

Well to put it simply, there are some things that you need to take into consideration, for example creating a connection with your pet, so they can recognize your voice and follow them whenever you call them.

To begin with, you can familiarize them with their names, by calling out their names repeatedly while looking at them. 

This will not just make your pet familiarized with its name, it will also make your pet know-how make eye contact with you and focus on you and your voice.

Make sure every time you use the same word for each command so they do not get confused. To get the focus on you use words like ‘’look’’, ‘’ look at me’’ or ‘’watch me’’ and point your index finger vertically close to their eyesight to make eye contact and familiarize them with the word by doing the same thing repeatedly, and while doing so if they look at you reward them with treats and increase it according to the length of time they stay focused.

This is the tricky part because if your pet is one, which either hyper or energetic it can a little tough for you to make them focus on you alone, and on top of that it’s a bit tiring job for them to focus on one thing for a long period of time.

Thus, animal trainers suggest making each training session short, for example, 5 to 10 minutes maximum on a daily basis. Any more will not give you any productive results, and sometimes you might end up going to the beginning which is a waste.

Prepare tiny bite-sized treats to reward them with. Animals experts suggest that you might choose healthy treats for your pet, so it will not ruin its diet.

Try to buy a few samples and see which one your pet prefers. If they’re big in size cut them into tiny pieces, so it will not affect them and you can give them as much you need to give.

Most importantly as mentioned earlier, we need to make sure we’re not tiring them out in one go. Take some breaks every now and then, and play with them and praise them after every successful try or encourage them if they tried and failed.


To start your training session you might as well choose the most simple task, to begin with. That will not exhaust you or your pet both mentally and physically. Teaching your pet to take the command ‘’sit’’ can be the easiest of all, but remember nothing can be done without patience,  so make sure you have lots of it while your teaching.

To teach your pet to take your command and sit, first call your pets by their name and ask them to look at you to create eye contact. Then hold the treat on your palm and close your palm, take your hand close to your pet’s nose and make them follow your hand with the treat. When you’re sure that your pet is following your words and hand.

Lift your hand slowly while it’s near your pet’s nose so that they list their head up and lower their bottom until it reaches the ground and they are in a sitting position, and then say the word ‘sit’. Emphasis on the word and take your hand away to observe if they’re sitting or not and treat them if it’s a success, repeat the process until they can do that without treats.


This is the most second easy task reported by trainers. To start with show your pet the treat on your hand keep your palm open and move back a few steps and say the command ‘’come’’. Make sure while you are calling him your voice is happy and enthusiastic to motivate them. 

When they come to you, reward them and praise them, increase the distance little by little, and change the location. Repeat and take breaks in between.

Give it or Drop it

This is one of the most helpful commands, as eating can make your pet learn not to pick up anything from the floor indoors or outdoors.

To teach this one, keep something that your pet unusually picks up with their mouth, in front of your pet when they pick that up. Open your hand in front of them or point your finger down towards the floor command like ‘’give it’’ or ‘’ drop it’’. While you have a treat on the other hand when they drop it reward them.

In this one you might as well become a little strict, to introduce good habits to your pet.

Heel or With Me

This is where you teach your pet to pace up with you while you’re taking them out for a walk. While doing this start with your pet is on a leash.

First, face them in the direction you both will walk to stand side by side and make eye contact and say the word ‘’heel’’ and start walking. Whenever your pets’ pace increases or becomes faster pull the leash a little and say ‘’heel’’ until they’re by your side again. 

Every time they refocus on you and listen to your command, reward them. Repeat the method in your yard, then start in your neighborhood thane busier streets.

Down, Lie Down or Stay

These are three different similar commands types of commands. First of all when your pet is very energetic and moves around and doesn’t stop you can use ‘’ down’’ or ‘’lie down’’ to calm them down.

Whenever your pets move around and you want them to stop, get a piece of treat on your hand and call them, make eye contact when they focus on you, point with your finger, or hand to the ground and say the command repeat the word slowly until they obey your command then reward them with treats, repeat the method until mastered.

“Stay’’ is a command when you want them to stay in one place while you move away from them. For this one, first use treats to make them sit, after that when they’re focused on you, with your hand open like the stop sign say ‘’ stay’’ and emphasis on it while moving one or two steps away and then wait for some time.

If they stay at their place reward them, if not restart the process patiently until they master it while you’re close. After that increase thane distance little by little, reward them for trying. Remember not to tire them out, it might take some time or days to master and be patient.

Go To Crate

Crate training a puppy is an important aspect of keeping your puppy safe. Puppies can get into a lot of things they shouldn’t and run into the danger of hurting or poisoning themselves. Teach your puppy to go into his crate by tossing treats in there and practicing good crate behavior daily. Make sure that your puppy also rides in a crate in the car – this is the safest place for him to be!


Puppies want a lot – and they all want it right away! This is why it is important to teach your puppy patience. Every time before feeding him for example, ask him to sit and wait a couple of seconds. Before your puppy goes out the door – ask him to sit and wait. Before you play fetch – throw in a little wait.

By combining the skill with everyday behaviors, it will soon become second nature for your puppy to wait.

Practice Makes Perfect

As you are training, make sure that you work with your puppy every day. It is much harder to have a well-behaved dog when you only invest time once a week into training. By working daily, it will soon be a habit for your puppy to look to you for guidance and instructions.

And now have fun training your puppy!

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