How to Incorporate CBD into Your Pet Routine

CBD supplements for pets are one of the latest areas of interest within the CBD industry. As we are all becoming increasingly aware of the potential health benefits that CBD can have when used as a supplement, people have started to ask whether the same is possible for pets.

The science behind CBD for pets is still a little unclear and remains an area of active research. However, the hope is that our pets can benefit from CBD in many of the same ways that we can.

The lack of scientific certainty has not deterred many pet owners from trying CBD pet products. There has been a substantial rise in the number of pet owners looking to introduce CBD supplements into their pet’s diet and make use of the potential benefits. 

As with human CBD supplements, there are many products on the market and many ways to incorporate CBD into your pet’s routine. So, what are some of the very best ways to introduce your pets to CBD?

CBD Oil Drops

Getting CBD for pets right can be a little bit trickier than finding the perfect CBD solution for yourself. While some humans love CBD-infused products and see them as a daily treat, pets are a little fussier. 

CBD oil drops are a fantastic way to work CBD into your pet’s diet. There are a few ways to use CBD oil drops for pets. You can administer them alone sublingually as a super quick way to provide your pet with CBD. A better way to give your pet CBD, though, is to mix a few oil drops into their meals. This discreet method is ideal for those pets that do not adapt well to changes in their diet.

When it comes to picking only the best CBD oil drops for your pets, there are many different options. Some brands, such as PureKana, offer flavored drops that are designed to be more appealing and enjoyable for your pets.

PureKana’s bacon-flavored drops are packed with a meaty flavor that your dog should love and are just one of the many options available.

If you are planning to mix CBD oil drops into your pet’s food, then unflavored drops may be the preferred option, as they are much more discreet. Unflavored drops can also be a good solution for pets that do not enjoy strong flavor profiles.

CBD Treats

CBD treats are another excellent way to incorporate CBD into your pet’s diet. CBD-infused treats can be either used as part of your pet’s routine diet or as a reward for particularly good behavior and when training so as to reinforce behavior when teaching tricks.

One of the really lovely things about opting for CBD treats is that they become something your pet looks forward to, and that can be used as a positive reward. It builds a positive relationship with your pet along the way.

The market for CBD for dogs provides numerous CBD-infused treats to choose from, with each brand offering its own twist. Some brands offer different flavors and concentrations to choose from.

Treats are not limited to just dogs, though, with CBD for cats also becoming an extremely popular area of the market. Some brands, for example, offer salmon-flavored CBD treats designed especially for cats. Just like with dogs, CBD treats can be used to reward your cat for good behavior.

CBD Topicals

As with humans, CBD can be used in topical form for cats, dogs, and even larger animals such as horses. Depending on your reason for choosing to add CBD into your pet’s routine, topicals can be a great option.

CBD topicals offer localized effects, meaning that they are much more useful for treating external issues. Products such as CBD-infused pet shampoos and balms can be valuable tools for keeping your pet’s fur looking and feeling healthy.

They are also an excellent way to treat your pets to a pamper session, forming a great part of their regular grooming routine. Switching out your dog’s standard shampoo for one infused with CBD is an easy and hassle-free way to incorporate CBD into their lives.

The range of available pet topicals continues to grow in very much the same way as the human topical industry. With so many fun pet topicals to choose from, incorporating CBD into your pet’s grooming can be both comfortable and enjoyable.


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