An Expert Guide to Buying Your First Dog Crate

You finally made up your mind and got the dog?


Owning a dog is a beautiful experience. If you have kids, it is also a great way to grant your kid a sense of responsibility or ownership. Scientists even posit that owning dogs make us healthier.

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Once you get your dog in, one of the things you must plan for is where they’ll live within your home. This could mean its own personal space or a crate. Most people opt for a crate, especially when first bringing a pup home. Planning for this is beneficial to both you and your new friend.

Why is Crate Important for Your Canine?

 Let’s go back in time to understand why crates are important. Before humans domesticated dogs, wild dogs lived in shallow holes or dens. These holes acted as places for resting or protection from predators. These places weren’t cages. Instead, they were comforting spots that a dog could call it’s own.

The modern crate acts as a den for your dog – a place it can retire to and rest. Crates also help with potty training, during travel, and safe space when the dog is sick or injured.

Picking the wrong crate for your dog is not only expensive, but you miss out on the various benefits that come with crating. There are three major factors that you must consider when deciding on what type of crate to buy – safety, size, and the materials that make up its construction.

Let’s dive in.


There are various types of crates, but your first concern here is that the crate is constructed properly. The most common crates are those constructed with wire mesh, hard plastic, or steel bars.

The plastic crates are a popular choice if you travel a lot with your furry friend. They are also made of a durable blend of plastic with steel doors and can last a while with rough use.

Steel crates are more robust and longer-lasting. They feature sturdy construction, are airy, and give your dog an excellent view of the world around them. They are great for housebreaking due to the removable plastic floors. They can also be quite easy to clean and maintain.

As a third option, wire mesh crates are easy to carry around. Most wire designs fold up for easy storage. They are also easy to clean and maintain.


The size of your dog is the determining factor here. You also should probably buy a crate your dog can grow into – no one wants to be changing crates every six months. Also, get a divider panel so you can adjust the size of the crate as your dog grows bigger dog crates from

Dog crates have various sizes. The crate should be big enough for the dog to lay down and stretch to its full length. Make sure they also can stand up without their head hitting the topmost frame.

It would be wise to use a dog size chart when picking a crate. The crate also must not be too large. Otherwise, your dog might decide to use one side for potty and the other side as a sleeping area.


You need to ensure that the crate has no appendages that can hurt, strangle, or choke your dog. You also need to ensure the crate is not too narrow, as your dog can get agitated, stressed, or ill because of the feeling of confinement.

The Final Woof

Getting the right crate is critical to the happiness of your furry friend and yours. Your furniture is safe, your dog has its own personal space, and you also have a safe zone to discipline your dog when it misbehaves. The crate is a must-have for a happy doggy home. Here is a list of must have dog items for dog owners.

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