How to bathe a Dog – Step by Step Guide

Bathing is an important issue for dogs in terms of health and hygiene. But most of the dog doesn’t seem to be liked bathing. In fact, they love to be dirty and stinky. But that is not good for the health of the dog. Dogs skin and health totally depends on their hygiene. The fur that is coated on dog needs to be washed as per their requirement.

How often you need to bathe your dog?

How often you need to bathe your dog, is a reasonable question. The dog really doesn’t require the regular bath. If you wash your dog often in a month that may be harmful to your dog’s skin and coating. Regular wash may irritate the dog’s skin.

For regular dog bathe once a month is quite effective unless your vet suggests you to do more. Sometimes for several dog’s skins decreases often bathe may require or sometimes if your dog is really dirty and love to play with mud and often rolled down to ground may also require often bathe. Also sometimes when you think your dog is stinking enough to have a bath, your dog can have bathed. But always remember do not let your dog have more baths than one in a week.

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How and where should I bathe my dog?

Now you may be wondering how and where should you bathe your dog, In that case first you need to select one specific place to bathe your dog. If you have small dogs than you can choose places like kitchen or bathroom sink or in the laundry tub.

And if your dog is big enough to not to fit in these places you can put it into a bathtub or go directly to the shower with a portable nozzle pipe. You can also find some dog bathing tubs available in the nearest pet center. Garden hose pipe is also an option but that is not recommended for frequent use.

Now let’s go for how to bathe your dog. As we already know bathing is really important for your dog. Just right after choosing the right places for your dog you can start bathing. You need to focus on these factors while making your dog bathe.

1. Preparation on bath

First, of the thing you need to do while making bath your dog is, brush the hair before making him bathe. Matted hair takes more water than brushed hair, thus it may require a long time to make him dry. If needed you can take the help of a professional groomer.

After brushing the hairs, you need to cover both of the ears with cotton balls. If water goes into the ear it may serious outcome with ear infections and irritations.

Also, you need clip off the nails and polish them with a polisher.

2. Reward him treat

Most of the dogs don’t really like to get a bath. Sometimes you need to force him to have him a bathe. This can impact a negative impression for bathing.

Instead of forcing, reward your dog with his favorite treat while taking him for a bath. He will likely to cooperate with the bathing.

Also, you can increase the attraction of bathing with this method.

3. Use warm water

Dogs really don’t like so cold or too hot water. Their skin is totally different from ours. Most of the dog has a soft far coating on their skin and hot water can easily damage the coating as well as the dog’s health.

The water should be Luke warm as it is for a human baby. If the dog is a bigger breed which gets overheated easily needs cooler water.

4. Be friendly with your dog

As we already know dogs don’t really like to get a bathe. Instead of that, they like to be dirty and stinky. So some dogs may find bathing as torture if you try to forcefully make him bathe. Try to talk your dog with a calm and confident voice. Try to give him the assurance that you won’t hurt him. And try to make your dog believe that what you are doing is good for him.

That won’t work for the instant as like as magic. It will take time and eventually he will learn that bathing is not a torture at all. He will start enjoying the bathe.

5. Use the dog shampoo

It doesn’t really matter if your dog has fur or hair as their coating over the skin, they need shampoos on their bathe as to remove dirt and kill the parasites. You can find various dog shampoos in the market. Choose the right one for the right breed you have.

Take a little of shampoo on the skin and massage the shampoo all over of the dog’s skin. Do not let shampoo to catch on dog’s eye, try to be careful on that.

6. Rinse out perfectly

Right after shampooing it is necessary to wash your dog properly. It is very much essential. Cause if you don’t do that your dog may get serious irritations when he dries off with shampoo left in the fur.

You better wash your dog more if the dog breed is more hairy or furry. Try to repeat that for several times.

7. Make him dry

you need to dry your dog properly because if don’t it may lead your dog to rashes and irritations if the skin is wet for a long time. So you need to make your dog dry properly. You can make him dry with a hair dryer or outside of house under the sun.

Never use a human hair drier, cause that is too hot for dog’s skin. You can get a specific hair dryer for dogs. That has a lower temperature which is comfortable for the dogs.

And if you want to dry your dog under the sun, be careful ln that too. Exposed to the direct sun for a long time, may harm your dog’s skin.

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Bathing is an important care for your dog. Regular proper bathing can lead your dog a healthy life. Your dog would become more fresh and active. Always try to make your dog clean by simply providing him a regular bath. If you find bathing an issue, try to go nearest professional grooming center for dogs. They will ensure a healthy professional bath for your dog. Never consider with your dog’s bathing.

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  1. Amazing post! I have a nice dog who has long coat. I am facing difficulties to bathe him properly. Bathing is very important for dog’s health. but my dog does not want to bathe. You have shared some excellent tips. I think they might be very helpful for me. Thanks once again!

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