How Much Do Dogs Sleep? How To Keep Your Puppy Sleeping Better

New dog owners tend to have a lot of questions about the sleep cycles of their pups. How much do dogs sleep, exactly? What’s an unhealthy amount of rest? And when can you tell whether your puppy is unhappy with its sleep? 

How Much Do Dogs Sleep

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The anxiety around your pup’s sleep cycle is completely normal, but there’s not a lot to fear when it comes to figuring out whether they’re getting the right amount of sleep. If you’re wondering how much dogs sleep exactly, the answer can depend mainly on your pup’s breed, age, and personality.

That being said, there are some ways to improve your dog’s sleep hygiene. Whether it’s getting a cozy dog bed that makes a good night’s sleep irresistible or simply working out whether or not you’re going to allow your pup to sleep in the same room as you, here are some key ways you can ensure you’re doing your best to keep them well-rested. 

So, How Much Do Dogs Sleep, Exactly?

Generally, dogs tend to sleep anywhere between nine to fourteen hours a day. This tends to be a mixture of both hours spent napping, as well as sleep through the night. Puppies can spend even more time sleeping through the day, as much as eighteen to twenty hours a day. 

How To Ensure Your Dog Gets A Healthy Amount Of Sleep

Once you realize how many hours of the day dogs actually end up spending asleep, you quickly realize the importance of a soft and cozy bed for them to be able to rest properly on it. The best dog beds are going to be built to last, easy to maintain, and comfortable enough for your dog to get a good night’s sleep.

Memory foam dog beds have become increasingly popular for this reason. Not only are memory foam dog beds the obvious solution for anyone seeking a comfier sleep solution for their pups, but there are also some really great options for dog-owners who need something of high quality that’s going to make a difference to the overall sleep cycle of their pets. 

When working out how much dogs sleep, you might consider taking a more holistic approach to ensuring your puppies are resting well through the night. Some common solutions to restless sleepers include – 

  • Soothing sounds: some puppies respond well to white noise when they’re trying to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Leaving them undisturbed: as tempting as it might be to coo over your sweet pup as they’re asleep, human attention can disrupt their rest cycle and cause them to want to be active rather than fall back to bed. 
  • Follow a schedule: creating a ‘nap time’ for your pup can be just as effective when it comes to making sure they’re getting a good night’s rest. Dogs are intuitive creatures, but they crave routine just as much as humans do – once you’ve trained your pup to get to bed after their morning walk, they’re going to find it easy to do.

Whether it’s by finding a cozy memory foam dog bed or simply coming up with a routine that works for your pup, ensuring your dog is catching up on the right amount of sleep is an important part of their wellbeing. If you’ve ever asked yourself how much do dogs sleep and have been unsure about the answer, now you know – the answer can vary within a wide range of times, but the most important thing is that your puppy seems and feels well-rested through the day. 

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