The Ultimate Guide to Dog Breeding – Tips to Get You Started

Most passionate dog owners end up becoming breeders, but is the job as easy as it may naturally seem? Well, some dog breeds require closer attention during the mating season as they have a very low heat cycle. Ensure that your female is up to speed with the necessary vaccination and medications. It might be hard to administer medications during her gestation period.

Dog Breeding

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Although dog breeders are in this business to make profits, their mandate goes beyond making money. They have an overall responsibility to avoid dog overpopulation and to ensure the continued quality of life for their dogs and puppies.

Here are some tips on how to do the right breeding.

Ensure You Have an Original Breed

There is no point in bringing up a whole offspring of mixed breeds. Your very first puppy must be an original breed that has not undergone any crossbreeding.

It’s vital to research your breed’s history and development. Consult the relevant experts to identify the best stud dog to couple with your female. You want to take counsel from other experienced breeders, veterinarians, or reputable online sources. The significance of getting the right breed is to ensure the same quality is passed to your puppy’s offspring.

Important Timelines to Observe

Large female dog breeds will begin their heat cycle at around two years of age. Smaller dogs, including some Chinese Dog Breeds, take a shorter time. Their heat cycle starts at just 4 to 6 months of age.

Heat is fundamental to mating; it only occurs once or twice a year, depending on the breed. You want to have all the necessary arrangements in place before the heat period is over. It can be between a fortnight and a month long. Most young female dogs will take some time before these heat cycles become regular.

Heat cycles can be identified through visible hormonal changes such as a swollen vulva, bleeding, and frequent urination.

Picking the Right Stud Dog

After learning about heat cycles, it’s crucial to understand the importance of choosing your stud dog early. Inquire about the dog’s health clearances and grab a couple of photos and videos to aid in consulting further about the dog.

Inform the owner about your intentions in good time. This helps to confirm the dog’s availability when the time is right. It is also advisable to find a backup stud dog in case one is unavailable for some reason. During the first week of the heat cycle, the female may not be very receptive to the idea of mating, but she will be more willing after a short time.

Common Questions Asked by new Breeders

Feeding a pregnant dog will mainly entail high energy and nutritious foods. The female will tend to eat less further into the gestation period. This is a worrying behavior because you want your dog to be stronger now more than ever.

Try to reduce obesity in female dogs, as this may affect their ability to conceive. The opposite is also true. Underfeeding will result in unhealthy, underweight pups. If your first litter was healthy and the female regained her body condition, then you may breed your dog back-to-back heat seasons. If this wasn’t the case, wait for at least a whole heat season. Here, each female should be evaluated individually by a qualified veterinarian. This is because circumstances may vary with different dog breeds.

Final Thoughts

Your success as a breeder is based on the quality of your litter. It may not work out perfectly the first time, but with research, preparation, and proper budgeting, your offspring will improve over time. This is why breeding can be very frustrating and time-consuming. However, with the counsel of experienced dog breeders, the learning process will be easier and exciting.

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