11 Tips for Night Time Dog Walking


Not many dog owners would doubt that one of the biggest responsibilities, yet also one of the biggest joys, is getting out and giving our beloved pooches a good bit of exercise on a daily walk.

However, as a large number of us have the usual obligations of everyday life including work, family, errands and chores, getting out and hitting the streets and trails with our pups can often be put off util the evening, or in the early morning, meaning doing it in darkness.

This presents a set of potential hazards that we don’t have to contend with during the day, and while our dogs can provide those of us who are a little apprehensive about walking the streets at night a sense of security from other people, there are certain precautions we need to take to keep both ourselves and our dogs safe from other dangers.

Obviously being seen is one of the biggest factors we need to take into account. No one wants to risk potentially having themselves and their dog was taken out by a vehicle due to not being seen by the driver. So what is the best way to go about this, and what else do we need to be mindful of when out for a walk with our dog at night or in the darkness before dawn?

The following infographic has the full list of safety do’s and don’ts, as well as equipment and clothing you should consider for both yourself and your dog to make sure you both have an enjoyable time bonding through walking no matter the weather conditions and get home safely every time.

Author Bio:

Alex Cooper has been an avid dog lover since childhood. His favorite breed is the trusty Labrador.
Having owned one for many years he knows all about owning a dog from a puppy and all that is involved with keeping a dog. As well as dogs, Alex has a keen interest in technology and has recently started blogging at Bowwow Tech about the.

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