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Why You Should Choose a Dog Harness Over a Collar | Harness vs Collar

Our pets are our most precious members of the family. They can certainly be a handful when you begin the first steps of pet ownership. However, the rewards of loyalty and love will pay off in due time. When you bring your French Bulldog home for the first time, one of the first things you will want to do is finding a way to secure your pet’s identification. For this specific task, a dog collar is appropriate. It helps give your pet a sense of identity, and you can spruce it up with different colors and designs. However, when it comes to walking your pet and taking him or her out in public, you should always opt for a dog harness over a collar. Using a dog harness ensures the security and safety of your pet at all times. Plus, it is much more comfortable for your fur baby rather than using a traditional collar and leash combination. Here are a few great reasons you should be aware of when it comes to choosing a harness over a dog collar.

First at Foremost, Safety First

Dogs, especially French Bulldogs, tend to pull when they are taken out on walks in the neighborhood or dog parks. If you were to use just a collar and leash, there would be a chance that your Frenchie can easily slip out of his or her collar and runoff. What’s more is that your pup can run into other dogs or oncoming traffic. This puts your little one at risk of injury or death. A harness would keep your pet secure and at your side at all times. Plus, having your pets un-secured in a moving vehicle is very dangerous. If you were to ever get into an accident, your pet could become severely injured or killed. Many harnesses have an option for you to secure your pet to a safety belt so that they can be safe in the event of a collision. This way, if your pet is pulled or sent forward, the harness can safely keep them intact. Or, you can always get a Vastar attachment that hooks to any harness and can be secured to any car seatbelt. It is comfortable to use and adjustable depending on the size of your pet.

No One Likes to Be Choked

Have you ever had someone pull on your shirt collar or necklace before? It is uncomfortable and painful. This is precisely what happens when a dog’s collar gets pulled on as well. French Bulldogs are inquisitive little creatures and love to explore their surroundings on a doggie walk. They will pull because they are anxious about all the new scents to discover. You want to ensure that you are not choking your pup with a traditional collar and leash. Find a harness that is comfortable and fits your pet correctly. Dogs can slip out of harnesses too so you should find one that is true to your Frenchie’s size.

Can Help Support Training

By now, you may have already done some extensive research on the personalities of French Bulldogs and their keenness to being alphas of the household. Immediately upon adoption of your pet, you want to establish that you are the owner. This will help significantly during the early stages of training. On top of other training strategies, having a harness will also contribute to the training process of your new animal. For instance, when your Frenchie begins to pull, you can hold him or her firmly to show that pulling is not allowed. Eventually, he or she will start to learn through conditioning and limit pulling overall. This is especially helpful for new pups as they can become very distracted. It will help them stay more focused and trained more naturally.

Many dogs are innately anxious and can experience higher levels during particularly stressful situations. Lightning, fireworks or highly populated areas can cause a dog to feel anxious and scared. If you find that your pet is dealing with anxiousness or separation anxiety, you can find harnesses that help with reducing those stress levels. They hug your fur baby to mimic comfort and security. Otherwise, they may normally become overstressed, and you find yourself having to hold him or her closely to calm down. Plus, French Bulldogs have respiratory problems due to their short snouts and heavier frames. That is why it is important to choose the best harness for French Bulldogs. Having a harness can control your dog’s pressure of breathing and not cause him or her to overexert his/herself.

So, when it comes to holding your dog’s identification, a collar is a good fit. But, whenever you are planning to take your pet out of the comfort of your secure home, ALWAYS put a harness on him or her. Harnesses come in many different colors, material and size options. Just like with the quality of food or products, you should be cautious about buying the cheapest harnesses that are advertised. Typically, a cheap option will deliver cheap results. Your pet’s life may depend on the quality of your harness so if you are unsure, head to a local pet store and ask a professional to suggest one that best fits your dog’s needs. There are great options available for all dogs of all sizes.

When we bring new puppies into our homes, we treat them as they are part of the family. Thus, it is essential that you care for your pet with the highest regard for his or her health, safety, and overall livelihood. Your pet deserves to have an extensive and optimal life. Following necessary steps to secure your pet can significantly help with ensuring your pet reaches the best years of his or her life. Secure your pet with a good quality harness that will help keep him or her safe and healthy. Your Frenchie will surely thank you for it.

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