The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Dog Walker

Maybe you’re just too busy with work to walk your beloved pooch regularly. Or perhaps you’re recovering from illness, surgery, or bereavement. There are many reasons why loving dog owners are unable to give their furry friends daily walks.


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We all know that dogs crave the mental, physical and social stimulation of walks and without exercise, they can become bored, anxious, and lonely. If your current circumstances dictate that your dog-walking days are limited, there’s no need to feel guilty. It just means it’s time to get practical and hire a dog walker. There are reputable local dog walkers like Fancy Paws Dog Walkers in virtually every city.

So why is it such a good idea to hire a dog walker?

They’re Surprisingly Affordable

Prices vary depending on location, but in the US, the average rate is under $20 for a 30-minute walk. Not only will your dog be getting lots of healthy exercises, but also plenty of opportunities to socialize with other dogs or people. Plus, your dog walker will give you valuable input about your dog’s temperament.

Dog Walkers Are Carefully Screened

You can rest assured that no harm is going to come to your pup when you hire a dog walker. Professional dog walking companies ensure that all of their employees are vetted and go through comprehensive training. If you’re still unsure about the company you’re considering, ask if they have newbies shadowing more experienced dog walkers.

Your Dog Walker Is Trackable

Most companies these days have a downloadable app for customers. You’ll be able to track your dog’s location and receive updates direct from the dog walker about where they went on their walk and how your pup behaved. Software like this is handy as it means your dog walker is even more accountable, while you enjoy peace of mind.

Regular Walks Improve Your Pet’s Health

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, roughly 54% of cats and dogs in the US are obese. Having regular exercise reduces the likelihood of your pet developing health problems in later life. Better to hire a dog walker, and give your furry friend the recommended three or more 20-minute walks a day.

They Stimulate Your Dog’s Senses

While out walking, your dog will see, hear, smell, and feel all sorts of interesting new things. They also get to meet and interact with other dogs and people (usually other dog walkers). These brief encounters can often be the highlight of your dog’s day, so it’s best not to underestimate their importance.

Your Dog Will Be Better Behaved

Having someone to take your dog out for walks is an easy way for them to burn up that excess energy. All this means a calmer, tired dog who otherwise would indulge in less desirable behaviors – such as chewing your favorite slippers, barking or biting, or going to the toilet on your new carpet.

Save Yourself Time

Taking your pooch for a long walk can be difficult in the days of early starts, lunch meetings, and late nights. Rather than twisting yourself into knots trying to fit everything in, a professional pup walker can give your pet the attention and exercise they need.

Take The Pressure Off

Having a professional dog walker is super convenient. If you’re out of town on a work trip or vacation, your furry friend has someone who’s got their back. Now you can relax, knowing that your pet is getting healthy walks, fresh air, love, and attention that he or she craves. It all adds up to a happier pup, which is what matters most.

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