8 Incredible Ways to Entertain Your Dog

If your dog is bored, it means that he’s not happy. And you surely don’t want your four-legged buddy to be unhappy. However, you can’t be there for him all the time, ready to make him wiggle his tail in joy. After all, you got to work, have a social life, and of course, sleep.

It’s certain that a dog is the happiest when in company of his owner, but because you can’t be always there, you need to figure out the best way to keep him occupied. To help you out, here are 8 incredible ways that will entertain your pup when you’re not around.

1. Automatic Ball Launcher

Dogs are like small children in the sense that they like playing with toys. If a toy is interesting enough, they can spend hours playing with it. And that’s pretty convenient from the dog owner’s point of view. If you got to spend 8 hours at work every day, getting a good toy for your furry pal will make him forget you’re not at home.

The big question is what kind of toy will keep your dog entertained the longest. Well, every dog likes playing a game of fetch with his owner, which is why a toy that simulates this kind of activity could be the very best choice. What we’re talking about is an automatic dog ball launcher.

How these toys work is that they shoot the ball out, launching it many yards in the air. And that will make the dog run after it. Some of these devices require the dog to bring the ball back and insert it into a slot; others come with a storage capacity for several balls, so that even if the dog doesn’t bring one back, the device will launch another one.

An automatic dog ball launcher can make your dog forget about boredom, but the only problem is that your place might not be large enough for this kind of activity, especially when you want to do that in an apartment. your pup won’t have enough space to run after the ball, not to mention that in the heat of the game, he might smash into a piece of furniture.

2. Squeaky Toy

Dogs love chewing, it’s in their nature. And when they’re bored, their solution is to find something to chew on. Unfortunately, often that something is a piece of furniture. If you left your dog alone in your home, the chances are that he’ll decide to get himself occupied by chewing the leg of a table, chair, or some other seemingly-chewable item.

To prevent such a scenario from happening, why not buy him a toy that’s designed for this purpose? You can probably find dozens of different dog toys in your local pet shop. When shopping for such a toy, out advice is to look for those that make certain sounds. The so-called squeaky toys will make your dog curious about what’s going on, so he’ll probably stay focused on it for many hours.

3. Bone

For literally thousands of years, dog owners have kept their pets occupied by giving them a real bone to chew on. What make bones even better than some dog toys is that their animal origin. No matter how cuddly and sweet your pup might seem, deep down in his soul, he’s still a predator.

And an animal bone is going to make him go nuts. He won’t stop chewing on it, until there’s nothing left. But, eating a bone takes time. Sometimes it takes as much as a whole day to finish a single bone. And this means that one bone can keep him entertained all the time while you’re at work.

4. Keep the TV On

Dogs don’t see in 2D, their vision is 3D. In layman’s terms, this means that your pup can’t see what’s on a photograph, but he can see what’s happening on the TV screen. And sometimes, it can keep him occupied for hours.

Of course, it all depends on what kind of program is on. The chances are that your pup won’t be too interesting in a politicians’ debate, but he might get glued to the screen if you put Animal Planet on.

5. Playing with a Friend

Your pup needs friends and we are not just talking about those who walk on two legs. Of course, you are the most important being in his life, but he does need to spend some time with the members of his own species.

What we’re trying to say is that a way to keep him occupied is to bring another dog over. The best thing about this is that it’s not too difficult to find another bored dog. You probably have a friend who also has a pup who has to stay alone when they’re away. So, why not team up?

6. Hire a Pro Dog Walker

The fact is that most pet dogs do not get enough exercise. This goes double for those living with their owners in small apartments. If your dog fits the profile, a way of tackling this problem is by hiring a professional dog walker.

While you’re away, the walker can take your dog and take him for a walk. Or take him to a park where he could play with other dogs. In both ways, it would get your dog the exercise he needs, as well as keep boredom away from him.

7. Dog Daycare Center

There are so many reasons why taking your dog to a daycare center would be a good idea. First of all, that’s where he’ll be safe. He’ll also be fed at the right time, not to mention that he’ll get to spend some time with other dogs.

8. Sleep

Dogs are crepuscular animals by nature, but they needed to adapt to the lifestyle of their owners. So, instead of sleeping by day and getting active at night, they’re doing the opposite. Unfortunately, some of them just can’t fight off their urges. Instead of falling into a deep sleep at night, they get crazy once the sun goes down.

But, because their owner is awake during day, they wish to stay awake as well. The result is that some dogs don’t get enough sleep. If that’s the case with your pup, why not help him get some sleep when you’re away?

You will need to help him with this, because he’s probably on watch while you’re away. Every dog, including tiny Chihuahuas, is a guard dog. So, when you’re not around, he feels it’s his duty to keep the home safe. To help him go to sleep, you can ask the vet to prescribe some pills, or you could use some natural remedies, like Valerian root or lavender, which have calming properties.

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