Why You should use Chest Plate Dog Harness

If you have a dog, a harness is a great way to level up your walking game. Not only do leash-and-collar combinations provide minimal canine control, but they also cause a choking hazard. Harnesses are known to redistribute pulling tension from around the neck to around the torso. This removes the choking risk and provides better comfort for your dog. Did you know that walking with a collar and leash alone puts your dog at risk for a collapsed trachea? 

Why You should use Chest Plate Dog Harness

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Leashes alone may not provide enough support.

In terms of comfort, then, it goes without saying that any harness will be better than no harness at all. But just how comfortable will they be? The answer will depend on the model of harness you select. There are a number of different harnesses available, among which includes the chest plate harness. This is considered to be a few steps up from your baseline no-pull harness, which can be a great behavioral aid but a poorer overall fit for comfort.

For pulling dogs, a basic no-pull harness can nevertheless be a great solution. Harnesses, however, are not exclusive to the pullers. Besides, if your family was tugging at your neck throughout the daily walk, you may suspect someone else of having the pulling problem. 

A baseline No-Pull Harness. 

Chest plate harnesses are a great alternative for dogs who don’t specifically need pulling behaviors to be corrected (although its front attachment does also discourage pulling). Not only that, but they provide padding for a snug, more comfortable fit than your basic, spaghetti-strappy no-pull harness. If you’re a fan of hiking or long-term walks, you should invest in a chest plate. They are more flexible than your traditional dog harness, featuring front and back attachments. While basic harnesses may chafe beneath a dog’s armpits (or legpits—however you want to phrase it), chest plates connect at the (padded) chest piece and sit further back along the body. 

Looking sharp in that chest plate! Image: Stylish Hound

Despite the chest plate’s reputation, these harnesses suit larger and smaller dogs alike. Larger dogs may have more body mass to lug around, but that’s also no reason why smaller dogs should miss out on the extra comfort and support. There are chest plate harnesses on the market available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. They are also available in a range of eye-catching designs (and neutral-colored designs, too, if that’s more your thing). During a long walk, doggies can rest (or exercise, as the case may be) assured that their humans care for their comfort as well as their good looks. Although, we know that your fur baby needs no assistance when it comes to looking good!

Speaking of looking good! Harley and Raffles look adorable in their chest plates

Let’s a recap: chest plates provide extra canine comfort, optimal canine control, reduce the risk of choking (and compromised tracheas), and look great on. If you take long walks on a daily or are a keen hiking fan, we cannot recommend chest plates enough. For a dog, wearing one of these would be like being enveloped in a soft yet firm hug. This is similar to your relationship with them, too. In a way, a chest plate is like a metaphor for your relationship. What better way to represent your canine/human bond—and what better-looking way to do so?

Zeus and Navy were representing the canine/human bond in their spiffy new chest plates. 

Chest plates and no-pull harnesses are essentially variations on a theme. If you’re shopping online, check the no-pull harness category if you’re having trouble locating one. If you’re out shopping brick-and-mortar style, this presents a more tactile opportunity to see the sizing. It may be a better way to decide where your dog falls on the sizing scale. Most importantly, enjoy your walk or hike—and your newfound control!

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