What Should You Do if Your Dog is Choking?

Trying to keep your dog from chewing on things is just about impossible. They have a natural desire to find things to chew to pieces. Dogs are curious about the objects they come in contact with and satisfy their curiosity by sniffing, licking and chewing. But unfortunately, just like little children, things can go down the wrong pipe.

Don’t worry about mistaking it for some other dog health problems such as a kennel cough in dogs, or a dog sneezing. If you notice your dog becoming very panicky, its eyes bulging, and its neck extended with head held high your dog is most likely choking. You will also observe your dog pawing at its mouth, and its gums and tongue will be a pale bluish color.

A dog choking should always be looked at as an emergency situation. The first thing to do is look inside your dog’s mouth. See if there is something you will be able to remove manually. Keep in mind that bones, rawhide and many other natural treats can splinter. If they are allowing air to pass still go to your vet immediately to have them remove it. A splintered bone will have sharp edges which could tear the soft tissue in the throat. Do not ever attempt to remove them yourself.

The blockage may not be visible, but you will treat it almost the same as if a person is choking. Using the Heimlich maneuver, wrap your hand around your dog’s waist. Make a fist, and with your other hand grasping your wrist, squeeze and at the same time push the abdomen upward in a rapid sharp motion. Repeat as often as it takes to dislodge the object.

If you are unable to dislodge the object artificial respiration is needed. Hold your dog’s snout keeping the jaws shut and begin respiration through the nose. Make sure your dog’s chest is rising so you can be sure air is getting into the lungs.

Keep in mind even though this is your best friend, a dog in distress may attack out of fear so always be careful. Knowing first aid, such as the Heimlich maneuver, and CPR can possibly save your dog’s life one day. Everyone in the house should review these important life-saving techniques a couple times per year. When sometimes seconds will save lives, you really need to be fully prepared to react quickly and act decisively when your pet is in distress.

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