Best Dog Harness for French Bulldog

Today here we will be talking about the French bulldog harness. Before talking about its harness we should know about the kind of breed it is. It’s a breed of its own kind. It is a charming, loving small sized breed. This Franchise is also well known for their attentiveness. But sometimes people find a stubborn kind of attitude in their personality. They like to put their own commands.

Best Dog Harness for French Bulldog

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In spite of this as they are quick learner they can learn things very quickly but it needs to motivate them positively. Talking about its health this dog breed is prone to some health problems like as they are having their facial bones and tissue compressed so they get some obstruction in their airflow, I mean breathing. They sometimes also suffer from spinal cord problems, like disc diseases. So it is necessary to provide them with a good harness.

What Should an Owner Choose – a Harness or a Collar?

Speaking about the harness of a French bulldog we have to keep one thing in mind is this dog is a kind of freedom-loving dog. They can sometimes jump or pulls when they are taken out for a walk. So keeping an eye on a good harness is a must. More than this a good harness `leads to an excellent training tool by giving the owner a good grip control over their dog without hurting or distressing the pup. Regarding about its collar, it has become an old fashioned and also this exerts a good amount of pressure on the dog windpipe leading it to get chocked or sometimes it can even lead to neck injuries to the dog.

Tracheal injuries caused by crushing are very painful though. The owner who keeps the option for getting a good dog’s collar should think first that this collar can even damage the dog’s esophagus, which carries food from the mouth to stomach lies just behind the windpipe. But in spite of having so many problems using dogs collar, they are also essential to carry the dogs’ ID tag, showing pets name, owner information. But getting back to the harness it puts a very little pressure on the dog neck and harness are made to fit snugly around the dog’s shoulder, upper back, and chest. As we know these dogs have some spinal cord issue so selecting a good harness is the best option an owner could have. Otherwise, a dog may suffer from back pain, a condition in which dogs legs become weak, scoliosis and many more.

Best Harness for French Bulldog

French Bulldog doesn’t require that much amount of exercise but they are very much fun loving and spontaneous dog breed so it is important that they should be tied up with a comfortable one because this small breed is prone to tracheal and breathing problems. Even more this breed is well known for overheating easily due to breathing restrictions. So keeping this in mind it should be taken into account that the harness made for these breeds should be made from lightweight fabrics. One more thing to talk about is a good harness should not have too many buckles and straps because this can end up in frustrating the pup. Frankly speaking, there are basically two types of harness.

The first type is padded Strap Harness-This type of harness are fully adjustable with buckles on the sides and upper back.

Nylon webbing strap harnesses are the most popular in this kind due to its durability, weather resistant, and lightweight

The second kind is the Wrap Harness– Eventually, in this modern era this wrap harness has become very popular for this small sized dog breeds because of  its variety of color and many different designs

Top 5 Best Harness for French Bulldog

I have included a link to each French Bulldog harness that’s available to buy online through Amazon.

1. Frenchiestore Vet Approved Health Harness

 Frenchiestore Vet Approved Health Harness
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The Health Harness is free of plastic buckles and designed with dual D rings and double breakaway metal buckles to provide a safe, no-choke, no-pull walk. Created for dogs with BOAS, the Health Harness has a myriad of other uses. The front D ring makes it ideal for training dogs that like to pull, along with those that have aggression and dominance issues. It is equally effective for canines with arthritis, mobility problems, and dogs receiving water therapy. Additionally, it is beneficial for dogs with intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), those with a prior neck, back or spine injury, and blind or vision deficit canines that need guidance.

The Health Harness is widely used by rescue organizations, who foster dogs with many health-related concerns, as well as by breeders. In addition to the benefits discussed above, breeders often use the front D ring for their pregnant dogs in order to alleviate any pressure to the abdomen that a traditional harness may cause.

2. RUFFWEAR – Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs

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This harness is designed for all-day outdoor adventures and can be on and off easily.

It has 2 Lease attachment points which allow it for easy pulling up and down. Along with this, it has an aluminum V-ring at the center on the back.

Its strips are foam padded that runs across the dog belly and chest for comfort.

It also comes with ID pockets for keeping dogs tags and owner information and reflective trim that helps your dog to stand out against any day and night. So it is one of the best harnesses for a french bulldog.

3. Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

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This harness is stylish and durable with an outer layer made of scratch resistant oxford material and having lightweight Duraflex buckle with large loading capacity.

This harness is also easy to wear and take off and comes with sponge padded strips in the chest and belly.

It has two Leash adjustment point with a zing allot D ring on the back and webbing with zing alloy O ring on Dogs chest.

It has Nylon webbing of 3M reflective material for good visibility at night and easy seat belt attachment while riding in the car. You can even go for matching Leash and collar in this product.

4. Kurgo Tru-Fit Dog Harness

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This harness is basically for car safety purpose. If you are looking for a harness which will help you to clip your dog securely with your seat belt then you should go for this.

This harness is crash tested, tensile strength tested and dynamically tested for safety.

5 adjustment points are given in this product for better securing and come with padded chest plate for the comfortable fit.

This product is also great for walking as it comes with a steel nesting buckle for improved strength and extra ring in the front for dogs that pull.

5. EcoBark Max Comfort and Control Dog Harness

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No pull and No Chock Design, Padded Vest Design for Puppies-This product is double layered mesh fabric and built to last long. It’s much stronger than a typical harness.

It’s soft, extremely breathable and its anti-rub technology with a custom-stitched cover designed to protect the dog from getting injured from strap rubbing.

Peoples who love to use environmentally friendly material for them and their dogs, this harness is the best option for them because they use recycled straps and environment-friendly material.

This product is specially made to not constrict trachea and are totally escape proof if the dog has the correct sizing. So this product comes with an instruction that before ordering you should measure the Dog and refer to their sizing chart.

Why use a harness?

A dogs behavior sometimes define its master sophistication, so from the very beginning of the age, a dog should be trained to develop its habits. A harness is something that helps to control your dog and keep it going along with you. Giving them a harness in which they are comfortable keeps the dog’s temperament low and gentle. Even more, a French bulldog is a kind of stubborn dog which doesn’t listen to its owner if it’s not in its mood. So for this breed, a comfortable harness is a must.

Get the Right Sizing

As mentioned earlier why the right size matters a lot still I would like to put some light on this because getting a wrong size can cause a lot of trouble like skin irritation, pain in the body, shortness of breath, fractures during pulling, etc.

So let me figure out how to get the right size of harness for your dog.

Firstly what an owner needs to know is his/her dog’s weight because a harness is sold according to the dog’s weight. So knowing its weight correctly is a must. When weight is combined with the measurements of its size you will be able to find the right harness. Now talking about the right measurement you should wrap tape around the broadest part of your dog’s body that is the area behind its armpit. But the measurement should be not too large not too tight. More info about dog harness benefits visit this link;

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