Bringing Home a New Puppy: Preparing Tips and First Steps

Introducing a new puppy into your family will probably be one of the happiest and most anticipated moments of your life. However, this experience can be as unnerving and overwhelming as exciting for both you and your new pup. Fortunately, thoughtful planning in advance will allow you to make the transition easier and less stressful.

tips for bringing home a new puppy
Tips for bringing home a new puppy

In this article, we will share several essential tips and first steps that will help you prepare your house for a new family member and survive the first night. Apart from stocking up on supplies and arranging a comfortable sleeping spot, they also include puppy-proofing your house, planning the trip home, and establishing a routine, among other things. Continue reading to learn more about bringing your pup home.

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Puppy-Proofing Your House

You don’t want your new puppy to chew on everything in your house. And you definitely don’t want your furry pal to be injured as a result of eating something that you didn’t know they shouldn’t eat. As a responsible dog owner, you should know how to puppy-proof your house and prevent any accidents from happening.

First of all, always make sure that you have purchased a pup-friendly chew toy. Don’t let your puppy chew on anything you don’t want him to chew on, especially expensive furniture and shoes! Next, you should cover up all of the electrical cords with cable protectors. In addition, be sure to pick up any items that have been dropped on the floor, such as socks or shoelaces, which can be dangerous if swallowed by a puppy.

Preparing a Comfortable Sleeping Spot

Arranging a comfortable sleeping spot for your new puppy is essential for a successful first night at home. If possible, set up a pup tent or crate inside your house so that your new pal will feel safe and secure during their first few days with you. The crate will provide them with a familiar feeling of security and comfort, which can be crucial right at the start. However, if you notice that your puppy is restless and uncomfortable sleeping in the new place, you should contact a veterinarian and consider getting an anxiety medication or CBD for dogs.

If your puppy is used to sleeping outside in their original home, then it is best to leave it that way. However, if it is used to sleeping inside, then it will need some time to adjust to its new surroundings. Try playing with them in their crate or tent when they get tired. It may take some time to get used to it, but your furry friend will eventually settle into its new bed after some time.

Planning Your Trip Home With Your New Puppy

Whether your puppy is coming from another state or another city, you need to plan ahead before bringing them home. You should also make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork in order.

First of all, make sure to contact your vet and make an appointment for your new puppy’s first checkup. This will be a good time to find out if your pup is healthy or if they require any additional vaccines or unnecessary medications. You should also bring your dog’s immunization records with you, but if they are not yet available, give the vet a call to see if they require them.

After you have received the necessary paperwork, prepare your car for the trip home. Make sure that the temperature inside of the car is comfortable for everyone, especially during hot summer days. Additionally, keep an eye on your dog to ensure that they are not getting too hot or too cold.

Planning Your First Night at Home

After bringing your new puppy home, it is important to establish a routine as quickly as possible for them to adjust to their new environment. For example, place your dog’s sleeping crate where you would like them to sleep during the night

However, if you plan on letting your puppy sleep with you, then make sure that they have enough space on your bed. That way, you won’t accidentally roll over them during the night. 

How to Help Your Puppy Adjust to the New Environment

First of all, get your pup familiar with their new home by taking them on a walk around the block. They will get to see new sights and get some fresh air. If possible, take them outside at different times of the day. After the walk, take some time to play with them, but don’t be upset if they are restless at first.

Second of all, make sure that your new puppy gets plenty of rest for the first couple of days. This will allow them to adjust to their new home and recover from any travel-related stress. Additionally, this will ensure that they are not overly excited when you are trying to sleep at night!

Don’t expect them to stay calm and quiet for too long – they may show some signs of anxiety and stress during the first few days. However, try not to pay too much attention to them as they may feel overwhelmed and anxious by the situation. Be patient and don’t punish or scold your puppy for making mistakes. Remember that it will take some time for them to adjust to their new surroundings.


Bringing home a new puppy is one of the most exciting moments of your life. However, it can be equally as stressful and overwhelming for both you and your new pal if you don’t plan ahead. As you can see, preparing your house for a new family member is extremely important. You should puppy-proof your house, set up a comfortable sleeping spot, and plan your trip home with the necessary paperwork in order to avoid any unnecessary issues. Furthermore, you should also arrange a routine for your new pal to follow during their first few days at home. This will help them adjust easier to their new environment.

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