10 of the World’s Largest Dog Breeds

Most of us, no to say it correctly almost every one of us watched whether it is in movies, cartoons or read in stories – dogs being human’s best friend, even rescuer.  Well talking about rescue or lifeguard dogs, have ever seen them in real life?  They’re enormous, aren’t they? 

The first thing that pops out of my mind when mentioning rescue dogs, is those enormous, fluffy dogs with a little barrel around their neck, in the snowy mountains rescuing people. Rings a bell!

These enormous dogs are one among a lot of the big dog breeds that amazes me every time I read, write, or research about them. Want to know an amazing fact about them? 

In contradiction with their huge body, stern face, and unimaginable strength, they are quite gentle in temperament and friendly, very loyal to their owners. In this, I have chosen the biggest top ten breeds

I was quite a bit in a dilemma while choosing these ten breeds. Though there are not a lot of breeds they’re not in small number too. Saying that I thought that I will never get the top ten out of those breeds of dogs, such magnificent creatures they are.

1. Great Dane

This breed of tall, mighty, fierce dogs is quite impressive to me. Their history extends to the 16th century, they were preferred for hunting and tracking down prey. Their Origin leads them to German.

Just like other big dogs, these dogs also exhibit gentle and friendly nature under their tall, stern imposing features but if not trained and socialized in a correct manner their aggression cannot be controlled at all, with the strength they have ( don’t even try to provoke them, my friend).

They weigh on and from 50 to 82/83 kgs, height can go 71-80 centimeters, their breed has recorded to have the tallest dog ever, its height measured was to be 111.8 centimeters from paw to shoulder called Zeus, (wow, what a tall dog!!). It is the biggest dog in the worldIt has a great variety of colors from fawn to brindle, black and gray among many others.

Saint Bernard:

These gigantic mountain dogs became famous by old alpine rescue tales, originated from Switzerland and Italy. Known as gentle giants, these big dogs if trained well they will devote their lives for their master, also their aggression and fearfulness can be controlled towards unknown people and other dogs.

Their strength and patience are the main reasons train them for rescue missions in mountains, even in ice-cold mountains their thick coats help them to survive there to carry out their jobs as lifeguards. They’re also pretty helpful around livestock animals in farmlands. 

The adults’ sizes vary from 70 to 90 centimeters in height and weigh 65 to 120 kgs, their thick coats are two types, rough or soft. Colors are either shades of red with white, white with mahogany brindle with shades of black around the neck, ears. And face.

English Mastiff:

In 55Bc Roman emperor Caesar during his invasion to Europe, noticed these big English dogs and decided to make them fighting dogs in arenas. Little he did know in future there huge dogs will be considered most gentle, loving, and kindest amongst its race.

These massive creatures can weigh from 54 to 113 kilograms and their height teach  70 to 76 centimeters. With smooth and fine coats, their color varies from black fawn, solver fawn to apricot fawn.

From arenas, and now mostly family dogs, they’ve crossed a long path and always been mentioned by a lot of famous historians.

French Mastiff:

Also Known as Dogue de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Mastiff or Bordeauxdog, also recognized as one the most powerful and muscular breed to help with laborious works since ancient times as they are one of the oldest breeds of France.

Their weights go from 45 to 70 kgs, And height can reach from 58 to 70 centimeters with well-proportioned body muscles, build and strength. They have fine, soft in touch and short coats. Their color varies to all shades of fawns, from light to dark red fawns. Their average lifespan is 5-6 years. Due to their strength since the old times, they were used to guard castles and heads and pull carts too.


Also known for their excellent swimming skills, which is the way they were and are favored by fishermen and also taken with water rescue teams. 

Originated from Canada, these dogs are considered sweet, gentle, calm, and intelligent. For having these traits with almost zero aggression they go very well with children.

These big doings have heights between 66-71 centimeters and weigh 55 to 80 kilograms. They’ve thick, straight, water-resistant coats, its color goes from black, brown, white, and gray.

They have a strong build, webbed feet, which is why they’re ideal worker dogs, and also can drag a person out of the water with their strength and swimming abilities.


Another German originated dog, it’s named after Leonberg city, in Germany. These lions like generous dogs have thick double coats with a muscular and balanced body, are generally taken for working, rescuing, and guard livestock, their strength aids them in that. 

These dogs have heights from70 to 80 centimeters and weigh around 52-68 kilograms. They’re very self-disciplined and family originated loyal dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff:

This stubborn, intelligent, and strong livestock or flock guardians are used by the people in Tibet and near for guarding and marking territory for their farm animals from other predators and humans.

Their average height can reach 83 centimeters while they weigh up to 90 kilograms. It has a double long coat with a color variety of black to tan and different shades of them. These dogs prefer sleeping during the daytime which makes them active during the night, this trait can be be used if they’re trained to be night watchdogs.

Anatolian Shepard:

These intelligent large dogs are quick learners but hard to make them obey as they can be pretty stubborn. Are originated from the Anatolia regions of Turkey, thus named after that place.  

They were favored as best livestock guards since old times as they have well built, large masculine body rugged dogs with excellent hearing and eyesight, their ability to chasing predators are exceptional.

Their heights vary from 71-81 centimeters, and weigh 40-70 kegs, their lifespan can extend from 6 to 8 years on average. They’ve wiry, thick double coats, and it gets thicker around their necks to protect their throats.

Anatolian Shepards carry an independent mindset, bold and confident nature also, so they are quite possessive and protective towards their family, livestock, and territory. 


They are considered to be serene,  and sweet dogs were bought to England during the colonial time from Canada, Germany, and Switzerland.

They have quite charming appearances which made people include them in numerous paintings and books.

They weigh from 60-80 kilograms and reach to 56-76 centimeters of heights. They have a white-coated body with black patches.

Irish Wolfhound:

Their presence in history extended from mythology, portray to literature, these dogs are originated from Ireland, and their breed base was for hunting purposes.

They’re considered among the tallest breeds, with heights of 71 to 81 centimeters and weigh goes around from 48 to 70 kilograms, and have straight, hard, double coats. Colors go white, black, gray and fawn, and have a life expectancy of 6 to 8 years, combined with great power, speed, and excellent sight, they are indeed remarkable.

Although they’re not that of aggressive, they have an introvert and quiet nature. Makes a strong and affectionate bond with the family they’re with.

Wow! Quite impressive dog breeds. Unlike their Huge sizes and appearances and unimaginable strength they’re gentle and calm natured, this a very amazing thing, especially for dogs lovers.

Though with these good traits and facts, if someone is considering having one of these big dogs these need to have to go through their thoughts once again. 

As there are factors that may stop oneself from owning one. Among these, the biggest factor is cost. Yes! If you have a limited budget you might be in trouble, because as their big size, their expenses are quite high. From food, veterinary to grooming, it not a small amount.

Another factor is their living space, as any dog needs space, due to their active nature these dogs need that more. Big dogs mean big houses, especially with a big yard if possible. This is why they blend excellently in farmlands and small towns as they ought to have more space to move about.

As said though, these are gentle and calm natured dogs but they can get very aggressive to strangers. So without proper training and socializing, they can turn on known people or other animals nearby. 

If these factors can be handled, you can have an amazing, loyal companion by your side, a great friend, and a safe guard by the side of the children in your family.

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